Kerala Excise Department has on Tuesday, April 14, seized 120 litres of illicit liquor from Sultan Bathery in Wayanad district. The mission led by the Wayanad Excise Special Squad was accomplished successfully with the help of drones that eased the excise personnel in finding out the alleged liquor manufacturing unit.

arrack liqour
arrack liquor

Drones were sent across different parts of Sultan Bathery, a major center in the district when the police were informed about the illicit liquor unit.

Large quantities of liquor seized

In a similar incident, the excise squad was also able to catch red-handed another troop, where they could recover 111 litres of arrack liquor. A special squad led by Wayanad Assistant Commissioner of Excise N. Rajasekharan seized the illegally manufactured liquor.

A week before, the state Excise Department had seized 530 litres of illicit liquor and 45 litres of arrack in Wayanad.

With the liquor shops remaining closed under the national lockdown, now extended till May 3, more number of such seizures are reported across the country.


As more number of suicide cases being reported from various parts of Kerala after the liquor sales were stopped in the state following the lockdown, the illicit manufactures have started taking maximum utilisation of the crisis.

Rapid and extensive searches by the excise squad have been strengthened in Kerala.