Cyclops Medtech Balance Eye
Co-founder of Cyclops Medtech, Niranjan Subbarao, along with the gadget 'Balance Eye', which is scheduled for a January 2017 launchIBTimes / Nupur Jha

Cyclops Medtech, a Bengaluru-based medical technology company, is launching an amazing gadget called Balance Eye in January 2017 to cure issues such as vertigo balance disorders and stroke with an acute vertiginous syndrome.

Though similar eye health enhancing gadgets are available worldwide, Cyclops Medtech is the pioneer of introducing this technology in India. This gadget is meant to be used only by doctors who are ENT specialists and neurologists.

Dr. D R Srinivas, an ENT surgeon who specialises in treating episodic neurologic incidents, helped devise this gadget.

"We are a medical technology company working on wearable clinical and diagnostic solutions using eye-tracking technology. Our first product called Balance Eye is a diagnostic clinical device which diagnoses vertigo balance disorders and stroke with an acute vertiginous syndrome," Niranjan Subbarao, the co-founder of Cylops Medtech, told International Business Times, India.

"It's basically a pair of eye-tracking goggles which a patient has to wear and follow various patterns on the screen through which our algorithm arise our diagnostic insights. Primarily it has an application in neurology, ENT as well as emergency care," Subbarao said further.

A lot of value feature addition and value engineering have been done while crafting the gadget. The difficulties faced by the creators of this device during the course of development were a lack of facilities in carrying out the test and in hardware prototyping.

According to the statistics by, approximately 69 million Americans belonging to the age group of 40 or above have suffered from vestibular dysfunction, which is equal to around 35 percent of the total US population.

Vertigo balance disorders refer to a vestibular disorder which causes giddiness along with a sensation of floating or spinning. Parts of the brain which processes the data related to eye movements and the inner ear comprise the vestibular system.

The vertigo disorder is often misunderstood as a mere headache. One can suffer from vestibular disorders if s/he suffers from an injury or an ailment in the vestibular system. This disorder can be worsened by genetic, environmental conditions and even unknown causes.