Amid the rise in coronavirus cases among Police personnel in Bengaluru, four police staff of Marathahalli Police Station have been tested positive for Covid-19. 

The police station located in the Southeastern Bengaluru has reported the coronavirus the police personnel were immediately given the required medical attention. 

Bengaluru Police maintains law and order post Ayodhya verdict
Bengaluru Police maintains law and order post Ayodhya verdictTwitter via Blr City Police

On speaking about the prevailing situation ACP Marathahalli said, "After the four Police staff were teated positive, every measure and guideline suggested by the government was taken and they are being provided the right medical attention and have been admitted to the hospital." 

On Thursday,  eight police personnel from Kalasipalya station tested positive. A 56-year-old constable attached to the police station died at Victoria Hospital due to coronavirus. 

The police station is currently sealed to prevent further spreading of the virus among other personnel. The other personnel have been told not to report to the police station.  Previously,  Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao, IPS, issued a set of instructions to keep the police personnel safe amid the outbreak.  The staff has been advised to maintain social distance, wear masks and gloves during such interactions.

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