Disha Ganguly
Bengali actress Disha Ganguly allegedly committed suicide at her residenceFacebook

Bengali actress Disha Ganguly, known for her performance in popular television serial "Tumi Ashbey Bole", allegedly committed suicide on 9 April at her Kolkata residence.

The body of the 23-year-old actress was found hanging at her residence last week, according to reports.

"The actress was found hanging from the ceiling fan in her bedroom and is believed to have used dupatta as ligature. The door of the room was bolted from inside. Her boyfriend broke open the door and brought down the body," police said, according to Press Trust of India.

No suicide note was recovered, but police found the actress's phone and personal diary from her apartment during investigation. When examined further, police found possible reason which might have forced her to take the extreme step.

According to the police, the actress was in stress due to her same-sex relationship with another TV actress, DNA reports. 

But on the other hand, she had a steady relationship with TV actor Vivaan Ghosh. Disha and Vivaan were friends for five years and had only recently decided to take the relationship to next level.

"I had been in a relationship in the past that did not work out. After that, I was taking time off and didn't rush into another relationship. But once Disha and I were sure of ourselves, we told our families that we wanted to be together. We were planning to marry soon," Vivaan told The Times of India.

However, Disha's was in a fix when her parents asked her to marry Vivaan. Police reports suggested that Disha was in a pressure from her parents, boyfriend and another TV actress, according to DNA.

Meanwhile, her mobile history revealed that she made a transaction to a joint account which was owned by her and her friend. Apparently, she transferred ₹50,000 to the joint bank account using her mobile before committing suicide, according to the daily.