Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja's Telugu movie "Bengal Tiger", which has Tamannaah Bhatia and Raashi Khanna in the female leads, has garnered mixed reviews and average ratings from critics.

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"Bengal Tiger" is about happy-go-lucky Aakash (Ravi Teja), who is rejected by a girl for not being a famous person. Within no time, he achieves the status by becoming the right hand of the home minister (Rao Ramesh). He also falls in love with his daughter (Raashi Khanna). When the minister is about to announce their wedding in the presence of the chief minister (Boman Irani), he gets the shock of his life. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Critics say director Sampath Nandi has chosen a routine revenge drama for "Bengal Tiger", and seasoned it with masala elements to impress Ravi Teja's fans. The first half of the film is hilarious, with a high entertainment quotient, but the movie falls flat in the second half, say critics.

Ravi Teja's energy, Prithvi's comedy, Tamannaah-Raashi's skin show, music and cinematography are the main highlights of "Bengal Tiger", which has been rated an average of 2.5 out of 5. Continue to read critics' verdict:

India Glitz Ratings: 3

It is a Ravi Teja-style power-packed performance, complete with comedy doses from Prithvi Raj and Posani, not to speak of punch lines of a different shade.

Idle Brain Ratings: 3 

First half of the film is nice with Ravi Teja character growth shown in an interesting way. Second half has mass orientation with mind fight between Ravi Teja and Boman Irani. Plus points of the film are Ravi Teja's superb energetic performance, dialogues by Sampath Nandi and mass orientation. On the flip side, climax appears prolonged. There are plenty of references to Pawan Kalyan in the movie. Director Sampath knows the pulse of masses which evident from his two previous films (Yemaindi Ee Vela and Racha). On a whole, Bengal Tiger is a Ravi Teja's entertainment masala film with a lot of mass orientation.

AP Herald Ratings: 1.5

Goofy entertainment, thats what is selling in Tollywood at the moment. Thats why Sampath Nandi has decided to place a series of fatuities against each other, to make an incoherent mess called Bengal Tiger. This so called commercial entertainer suffers from generic storytelling, situational comedy and rarely raises above the fallible conception. All in all, Bengal Tiger is a kind of film that constantly remind yourself that there is a Sunny and beautiful world outside the cinema hall.

123 Telugu Ratings: 3.25

Bengal Tiger is a typical Ravi Teja mark entertainer. A full on entertaining first half, glamour quotient and well executed mass elements are huge assets for the film. If you manage to go in well prepared for a serious and emotional second half, Bengal Tiger will end up as a comfortable watch this weekend.

Gulte Ratings: 2.75

Raviteja's energy, Prithvi comedy and a largely entertaining first half are the high points of Bengal Tiger. Mass audience may enjoy this for the above factors and the heroines liberal skin show is a bonus. Audience that are fed up of watching the same old drama in each and every film may not be able to sit through the second half without complaining about the fuss. Bengal Tiger has chances to score in B and C centers but as a film it will go down as yet another routine fare.