Director Sampath Nandi's Telugu movie "Bengal Tiger" featuring Ravi Teja, Tamannaah Bhatia and Raashi Khanna in the lead roles has received mixed reviews from the audiences across the globe.

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"Bengal Tiger" is an action comedy film that has all the commercial ingredients. Besides direction, Sampath Nandi has also written story and dialogues. The audience, who have watched the film, say that it has a routine story, but the engaging screenplay makes it interesting watch. Ravi Teja, Tamannaah, Rashi Khanna and others have done justice to their roles.

Produced by KK Radha Mohan, "Bengal Tiger" has decent production elements. The audiences say that Ravi Teja's performance is the main highlight of the film. Debutant Bheems' songs, some rib tickling comedy scenes, punch dialogues, Tamannaah and Raakhi's skinshow and flashback scene are other big attractions of the movie.

Many viewers took to their Twitter handles to share their verdict on the film after watching it. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of "Bengal Tiger" movie review by audience:

Das CH ‏@chs_dass

#BengalTiger ok first half...prudhvi raj comedy worked out well..raashi khanna is too gorgeous..superb interval scene...songs,bgm minus #BengalTiger 2nd half routine revange story with outdated bgm,ravi teja for action...sampath nandi failed..tamanna,raashi looks good #BengalTiger ok first half with below average 2nd half..its Raashi and Tamannah's film they are only the plus points..prudhvi comedy worked

Satyajith Ankareddy ‏@satyajithpinku

‪#‎BengalTiger expect for Prudvi and Boman Irani, movie sucked big time, Ravi Teja looked very old but tried keeping his energy which did not sync at all, glam dolls Tammana and Rasi Kanna did not have anything much to do and were used only for songs and skin show, Music worst, bad story and stupid movie of the year for sure! Thank god Pawan Kalyan did not go with Sampath Nandi for Gabbar Singh 2! 1/5

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#BengalTiger: Typical mass entertainer with very good entertaining first half (Prudhvi episode is hilarious). #BengalTiger: But it goes off-mark in the second half.

Bharath Kumar ‏@Bharath291Kumar

Just now completed #Bengaltiger awesome direction and dialogues especially twists and bgm is the main highlight thank you @DirectorSampath #bengaltiger movie main highlight is comedy with prudvi Garu,posani,bramhi,Shankar not only one everybody is the highlight @tamannaahspeaks @RaashiKhanna u people are the main attraction to #Bengaltiger last song is just extraordinary thanks 2 @AlwaysJani

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

#BengalTiger -Very Entertaining 1st Half.Ravi Teja nd Prudhvi are the show Stealers.The necessary plot has been set.Hav to see how it fares. #BengalTiger - Plus:RaviTeja,Prudhvi Comedy,Glamour,Cinematography,1st Half. Minus:Sloppy 2nd half My Rating:3/5. A paisa Vasool Entertainer

Hareesh Chow ‏@hareeshnalluri

Just Avg Routine Comercial bomma 1st of ok 2nd of baledu Raviteja routine ganey chesadu Songs ok Rachha-2#BengalTiger

Venkatesh Venky ‏@venkybest

#BengalTiger - Super Entertaining 1st Half .. Below avg 2nd half .. One Time Watch

Sai_satyanarayana ‏@Satyasai24x7

#BengalTiger Entertaining1st Half,Routine 2Nd half!Mass meaning teliyala?Eite #RaviTeja introduction shot chudandi! Peaks! #PK scenes keka

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

#BengalTiger - After an entertaining first half, it sort of loses its grip in the second half...Future Star Siddhapa, Prudhvi, is hilarious

PawanKalyan Devote ‏@siddartha_nayak

#BengalTiger- Plus:RaviTeja,Prudhvi Comedy,Glamour,Cinematography,1st Half. Minus:Sloppy 2nd half My Rating:3/5. A paisa Vasool Entertainer

Gautham K ‏@RamGKrishna

#BengalTiger as of now Good 1st Half !! Second half running !! Second half dhigindhi !!Below avg-Avg at max #BengalTiger On the Whole #BengalTiger is an Average Revenge Drama !! Pruthvi Comedy, RT and a couple of Songs are Plus !! B,C only scope for film 2.75/5

Sudheer Telaprolu ‏@Alwayssudher

Done with #BengalTiger first half Future star siddappa chimpesaadu.. Entertaining first half ... #BengalTiger 1st Half - Full to Full Entertainment 2nd Half - Missing Entertainment Above Avg Flick

Sri ‏@SriViews

#BengalTiger - Mass Masala movie after a long time. Too loud to irritate me, but i was saved by #Prudhvi comedy. Min Guarantee & Hit Bomma!

Deepak ‏@deepuzoomout

1st half : Entertaining. Highlight is 30yrs Prudhvi track..RT energy so far. #BengalTiger 2nd half e range lo unna hit eskovachu.Non-boring

Venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#BengalTiger Good 1st half...Ravi Teja is at his best and Prudhvi is hilarious...Bgm is also good...Waiting for 2nd half #BengalTiger Routine and bad 2nd half ruin the movie...Overall below average movie...Consecutive flops for Ravi Teja

YATHI™ ‏@ursyathi

Intervel episode kummindhi, excellent as of now. super hit 1st half #BengalTiger #BengalTiger - Commercial entertainer from Raviteja & @DirectorSampath Comedy & dialogues worked well, Sampath Nandi delivers another HIT.

It Happens !! ‏@tharungstars

Entertaining first Half Interval bang Raviteja Rachest entry Prudhvi,posani comedyEntertaining 1st half let down with routine 2nd half A one time watchable movie #BengalTiger Better movie than #Kick2

Lab Reports ‏@Inside_Infos

#BengalTiger - AboveAverage IntervalBang,songs,comedy,skinshow worked big time.Don't expect more from the story. #BengalTiger

Sasi ‏@sasidharanne

good comedy in first half, interval twist bavundi -bad second half, routine rotta - Major plus prudhvi comedy,heroines glamour #BengalTiger #BengalTiger prudhvi spoof comedy baga workout ayyindhi.. but he should reconsider doing similar spoofs in coming movies.. #BengalTiger overall below avg to avg bomma.. #pk fans ooopu tecchey oka dialogue vundi cinema lo. theater lo janalu brahmi entrance kante prudhvi entrance ki baga react ayyaru. Brahmi is completely wasted in movie #BengalTiger

Walter White ‏@DathuRulz

Done with 1st half.. Entertaining, RT energy super.. 30yrs industry comedy keka.. 2nd half ede range unte easy ga hit eskochu #BengalTiger 2nd half lyt.. Tamannah and Rashi tappa lyt.. Overall an avg cinema.. 1st half anthaga teesi 2nd half champesadu #BengalTiger Tamannah mundu Rashi fade out aipoindi #BengalTiger

G Sriniwasa Kumar ‏@SKNonline

#MassMaharaj #Prudhvi Shakala shankar Posani combo scenes hilarious fun in 1st half #BengalTiger Good going #MassMaharaj back with BANG Bigger than Balupu Powerful than Power #BengalTiger 1st half Entertaining & superb twist at interval bang South lo superstar Rajini ni minchina vadu ledu anukonnam kaani #Powerstar #Pawankalyan raaleda? Posani with Boman irani #BengalTiger

Siddu ‏@siddu_lucky

#Bengal tiger ...crazy but entertaining which is what needed in these days..winner #BengalTiger @smkoneru @V6_Suresh Done wit movi in Blor 1st half entrtainng with loads of laughs 2nd half lacks comdy bt timpas entertainer

Chakri2 ‏@Chakri2review

#BengalTiger joins the list of movies where you can walk out in interval. . #BengalTiger. . Entertaining 1st half. . Nice comedy by pruthvi.. posani.. Raashi glamor etc wasted by dragging. . Routine second half. .

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

RaviTeja Intro sequence #BengalTiger Interval bang #BengalTiger Entertaining 1st half #BengalTiger #Massmaharaaj RaviTeja's as usual Energetic Screen presence, Dlgs, Comedy Pakka Mass Masala Bomma Cinematography Good, BGM by Chinna kummaduu #BengalTiger Sampath Nandi Taking & Action Sequences 30 Years Industry Prudhvi strikes back again #BengalTiger Chupulatho Deepala song Picturization Rockingg @tamannaahspeaks Sizzling Beauty 2nd hf Chaltha not bad..Could have been better..Overall ga Hit bomma Chala rojula tarvata Pakka Mass Commercial Entertainer #BengalTiger #Massmaharaaj #RaviTeja's Energetic Screen Presence Ultimate Iragkummesaduuuu #BengalTiger

Sriram karanam ‏@ramsjoyy

Raviteja rocking...prudhvi comedy superuuuu #BengalTiger Just done with second song. Done with first half...superb interval twist #BengalTiger 1st half dominated the 2nd half.ovrl ga bgndi. Prudhvi .RT as usual ga kiraak.Rashi..u beauty #BengalTiger

Krishna ‏@p_saikrishna

#BengalTiger kick2 kante chaala better ...1st half super ....2nd half just ok ...knni scenes loud anpinchayi but overall gaa chudochu .... #BengalTiger knchm action sequences and 2nd half weak gaa undi ...but overall not bad ....okasari chudochu

Maheshfan c/o guntur ‏@ursjshaik786

No chases no fights but interval block interesting #BengalTiger gud as of now routine story but execution is gud jst flash back & final song i poindi heading to climax #BengalTiger#BengalTiger final verdict Routine Revenge Action entertainer Ist of gud vth comedy 2nd half dragged totally avg movie

FirstDayFirstShow ‏@fdfslive

Complete out of sync compared to 1st half.. Big letdown 2nd half #BengalTiger Boman was miscast in the movie #BengalTiger Flashback also done.. #BengalTiger is out of hands .. No one can save it Racha climax repeat #BengalTiger Full commercial 1sthalf,big letdown 2nd half.. #BengalTiger None of the characters have been written out properly, a half-baked screenplay. Only positive was BGM Thanks for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #BengalTiger

Sundeep ‏@sunny438

Intro burada scene, ad parody scene, interval and only 2 dappu songs plus points #BengalTiger first half 2nd half noting. Edo potundi #BengalTiger Done.. 2nd half dobbetadu. Avg lageyochu comedy valla #BengalTiger Tamanna song, okati rendu scenes. Raviteja plus 2nd half lo, thaman bob music, brahmi entrance minus #BengalTiger

Siddhu Manchikanti ‏@SidManchikanti

#BengalTiger another routine rotta kichidi movie from Raviteja , Second half is a big let down and Prudhvi's comedy is bigger asset.. As there are no big releases until Sankranthi season, #BengalTiger will surely score a Commercial hit . Skip it if you hate routine movies

Shrinu Nakka ‏@Imshri09

Halfway through #BengalTiger... Racy first hour..Cliched story..Soundar Ranjan DOP.. Feast for Raviteja Fans.. Bheems Re-recording #BengalTiger Is another commercial potboiler..Mixed with cliched story, One liners, Oomp factor, High octane action sequences & vibrant BGM.