John Buchan's 1915 novel The 39 Steps will now be compiled for a Netflix-based limited series. The project will star Benedict Cumberbatch who will be collaborating with Edward Berger and Mark L Smith. 

Benedict Cumberbatch and Edward Berger had earlier collaborated for the mini-series, Patrick Melrose.  The Netflix based limited series will be produced by a television production company that was formed by Cumberbatch, Adam Ackland and Adam Selves, along with Anonymous Content. 

Originally, The 39 Steps had been one of the popular screen adaptations of director Alfred Hitchcock, who is known to be the master of suspense in the realm of cinema. The original film is one of the masterpieces made by the director that is till date studied in film schools as a part of cinema studies. 

Benedict Cumberbatch
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About Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the popular Hollywood directors who created a genre of his own, now called the Hitchcockian genre. He used the elements of Classical Hollywood narrative, noir, neo-noir, and made several masterpieces. Barring a few films, Alfred Hitchcock hardly leaned on the methods of linear narrative and had his personal shot-taking style, which had been filled with clues hiding in plain sight. 

It is a lesser-known fact, that Alfred Hitchcock's famous film Psycho, had also been converted into a part-by-part series named Bates Motel. The series had thoroughly focused more on Norman Bates, rather than the actual murder that took place at the motel. 

Hitchcockian adaptation in the series, Sherlock

This isn't the first time Benedict Cumberbatch featured in a screen work completely or partially based on the works of Alfred Hitchcock. The Sherlock film, The Abominable Bride, had partially borrowed the concept from 1958 film Vertigo, where a woman fakes her own death by bringing in another dead body.