Coronavirus or COVID-19 has not only affected our businesses but has also started to affect our mental health. Millions and millions of people are stuck at home and cannot go out and visit their family and friends.

This self-isolation has put a big question mark on everyone's mental health. In times like these, the world needs a little laughter that can make them believe that there is still happiness in the world and someday (hopefully soon) everything will be alright.

There are a lot of comic YouTubers who perform harmless pranks on the audiences. Some times these pranks are scripted but most of the time these are 100 percent genuine.

Here are a couple of shows that will surely tickle your funny bone and would let you forget all about Coronavirus for some time.

april fools day
Severed arms April fool's day prank. [Representational imag]Creative Commons.

The Impractical Jokers

Remember the time when you used to play Truth & Dare with your friends in school? Remember how you used to get embarrassed when your friends asked you to do some stupid thing, like ring the neighbor's doorbell and run! Well, these four friends on the internet are constantly daring each other to do such things that will surely make you laugh out on the floor.

Have a look at their most recent video and forget your worries at least for a while.

Just for Laugh Gags

It shouldn't be wrong to say that Just for Laugh Gags is one of those shows that actually started pranking complete strangers and record them on the camera. The host of the show has pulled a variety of pranks on strangers that have been watched by millions of people online.

America's Funniest Home Videos

I remember watching America's Funniest Home Videos on the internet and used to think, how they always have a camera on when these people are doing some funny thing? As we all grew up, we understood that people are always funny — all they need is the right company. Next time when you are around your friends, do watch a couple of videos from America's Funniest Home Videos and remember the time when someone close to you did something hilarious and you actually recorded it on your mobile phone.

prank video, world's tallest woman
A prank video of "World's Tallest Woman" goes viral on social mediaFacebook

Just Kidding

Remember the time on April Fool's Day when your neighborhood kids gave you some sweets and it turned the sugar looking stuff is actually not sugar but salt? Remember how these kids played a harmless prank on you? Well, Just Kidding is one of those rare shows where it features how kids pull pranks on unsuspecting adults.


Ridiculousness follows a similar premise as America's Funniest Home Videos. In this, the show's host will show viral videos of people who are stuck in a similar condition. For instance, he will show you at least ten videos where people fall while running on the road! Sometimes these are funny and but most of the time they are hilarious!

It is totally understandable that Coronavirus has affected the way we all lived before. It has restricted us on levels we never thought was possible. It doesn't mean that we all should stop laughing at little nuances of life? Just sit back and relax and watch all the above funny videos and try to forget your worries.