Garbage strewn in front of Vidhan Soudha's Gate number 2Twitter/@nolanentreeo

It seems that Bengaluru's garbage woes are unending. None other than the Vidhana Soudha, which was a popular tourist hub before the coronavirus crisis, presents a rather grim picture with garbage strewn at its Gate number 2 entrance.

Someone shared a picture of the state of affairs on Twitter and people started pouring in their comments on how bad garbage problem of the city is.

Things like leftover food, glasses, disposable plates, sanitary waste and much more lie piled causing an unbearable stench.

Netizens tried to give this problem a political hue

Twitter users also tried to give this problem a political hue but someone rightly prompted that the problem is not of some political party's but it is the citizens' problem.

A user said, "Please... do not be ridiculous! It is an accurate representation of the state of our state. This has nothing to do with any specific political party. By the way, if this picture has been tweeted recently, doesn't mean that it was taken recently."

It should be noted that sometime back, the villagers of Kannahalli and Seegehalli (located 35 km from Bengaluru) had given the city corporation an ultimatum that if it did not solve their garbage woes, they will march up to the Vidhana Soudha and dump their garbage in front of it. This means that the garbage issue is not limited to Bengaluru alone but goes way beyond that.

The villagers had that time stated that every day over 500 tonnes of municipal solid waste was sent to Kannahalli and 150 tonnes is sent to Seegehalli. The villagers had clearly stated that they will do a padyatra to Vidhana Soudha to make their concern heard but it seems that their plea fell on deaf ears.

On the Twitter post, another user had replied, "What is wrong with this welcome? Karnataka should be proud in taking the lead by "truly" representing the habits of its public. Other states that artificially maintain cleanliness do not truly represent their public's attitudes, beliefs and practices."

It was later known that the city administration was informed about the trash lying near Vidhana Soudha and it was being cleared.