BCP mascots

The Bengaluru City Police have got some new members. The two that were introduced to the city on Tuesday were Chennamma and Veeranna who will be the BCP's mascots. The mascots will be meant to spread awareness of rules on social media. 

Commissioner of Police Bhaskar Rao unveiled the two mascots on Twitter, and netizens came forward to welcome them to the city.

Who are Chennamma and Veeranna?

Chennamma and Veeranna are BCP's new mascots who will help spread awareness among citizens in the city. This will include traffic law and order as well as COVID-19 awareness in the city and on social media. 

Bhaskar Rao, Commissioner of Police in Bengaluru shared the welcome message on Twitter, "Chennamma and Veeranna are our mascots and representatives who are always there to help Bengalureans.." 

Many netizens shared a welcome message saying 'hi' to the mascots. They also appreciated the novel names that remind Kannadigas of some historical personalities. Chennamma was a freedom fighter in Karnataka in 1824 and was the queen of the Nayakas. Some netizens also wanted Chennamma to wear a Bindi.

Chennamma mascot tweets

Veeranna, on the other hand, was a renowned theatre artist from Mysore who was awarded the Padma Shree.

Some were reminded of cops they had come in contact with in the past as well. In 2017, the BCP had introduced another mascot, 'Meese Thimmaiah' who had died while on duty and had a spotless record in 1995.