Citizens of Bengaluru have always hoped to relive the good old garden city days and witness a garbage-free city like earlier. In an attempt to curb garbage menace in the city, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has come up with a rather questionable solution.

BBMP Garbage bins

BBMP has installed 'scientific' bins worth a whopping amount of Rs 55 crore. Even though Karnataka is the largest producer of Iron ore in the country, the civic body thought it was okay to install 400 new dustbins imported from Germany.

The civic body paid an Indian company, Zonta Infratech and a German company, Bauer Gmbh for this project. The two companies formed a consortium to bid for this deal.

Installed in 200 locations

The bins measure 1.5 cubic metres in width, 2.5 cubic metre in height and 30 litres in volume. This move has received widespread criticism from Bengaluru citizens and officials.

These bins are said to be installed at 200 locations across the city in areas like Vidhan Soudha, Cubbon Park and MG Road vicinity. 

According to a work order issued by BBMP,  the amount was divided among: 

  • Rs 11.85 Cr for the supply and installation of bins at 200 locations at the cost of Rs 5.92 lakh for each location.
  • Rs 4.48 Cr for the supply of 8 trucks at Rs 56 lakh each,
  • Rs 5.12 Cr for Operation and Maintenance.
  • Rs 33.81 Cr for Emptying and Transportation of waste for five years. 

German bin deal


According to reports of Bangalore Mirror, the German suppliers have installed similar scientific bins for Rs 1.5 lakh each for his other clients in Europe but the BBMP paid Rs 5.92 lakh for a pair.

Bangalore Mirror reports, According to the proposal submitted by Zonta Infratech to BBMP on Bauer Gmbh's (Germany) previous work orders. 

Cost of Bauer metal bins installed across Europe

  • 135 bins at the cost of 167,150 Euro in Rotterdam city in the Netherlands,
  • 105 bins for 1,76,569 Euro (Rs 1.31 lakh per bin) in Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg (Service company),
  • 100 bins for 1,24,757 Euros (Rs 97,310 peer bin) in Rotterdam
  • 59 bins for 1,09,458 Euros (Rs 1.44 lakh per bin) in Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg. 

(All figures calculated at the conversion rate of one Euro is to Rs 78.)

'What is so scientific about these bins'

Mayor Goutham Kumar suspected that there have been several violations in the deal, how can BBMP Rs 6 lakh for the deal when it costs Rs 1.5lakh in other European countries 

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike

Mayor criticised and said, "Why are these even called scientific? They block the way of pedestrians on the footpath. The whole deal is suspicious." He also mentioned that he has taken this up with the government so that they can investigate this matter further. 

"Why are these bins imported from Germany? Are they parts of Benz? It is, after all, a metal bin. Such metals are available plenty in Shivajinagar. They could have sourced it from there and manufacture it. This is all rubbish and I feel its a scam."

'Garbage is gold'

Bengaluru garbage
Bengaluru is filled with blackspots around the city where people simply dump garbage on the roadIANS

Netizens expressed, 'Garbage bins were made in Germany and Bengaluru Palika paid €7,000 for a pair! " India is a rich country but Bangalore is super-rich while some called it a scam.

Another said,  "Our BBMP couldn't find good enough garbage bins anywhere in Bangalore or even India. So they imported these from Germany and paying 7,000 Euros for a pair."

Another netizen tweeted, "Garbage is gold for BBMP & politicians who are happy digging. Bins from Germany & Waste-to-energy plant from France! Two sides of the same coin." 

'Mechanical bins were installed to clear black spots': BBMP

On speaking to Randeep D, IAS, BBMP Additional Commissioner Solid Waste Management about the reason behind installing these bins, he said, "With the installation of these bins, the idea was to put a stop to black spot issues in the city."

"These bins are semi under ground band do not require to be emptied manually, they are lifted by hydraulic cranes. They are also being emptied regularly so there is no chance of black spot forming around it." 

He further added, "Without the approval of the government, BBMP can not pass tenders. Any intiative above 1 lakh needs a nod from the government. There is a systematic process in place and we need to follow that. This metal bin initiative was approved." 

'No irregularity in this project'

Bangalore Mirror reported, Raj Kumar, Managing Director of Zonta said that since these bins were imported from Germany they cost more.

"The cost of each bin is about 3,500 Euros (Rs 3 lakh). Above this, we have to pay 30% customs duty and then assemble and install it."

"This is not the price just in Bengaluru but we have quoted the same price in 20 Indian cities. We have now established our plant in Peenya and we are manufacturing it here."

"We have installed these bins and we have been paid. There is no irregularity in this project. Mayor Goutham Kumar inspect it and did not seem to have any complaints then," said Kumar