Bigg Boss season 14 is nearing its end, and every weekend we witness multiple additions and eliminations. Needless to say, the makers are leaving no stone unturned to entertain the viewers and make the show spicier.

Jasmin Bhasin's elimination earlier this month was one of the most heart-breaking exits from the show, Jasmi's exit got Salman Khan teary-eyed. In fact, her best friend, Aly Goni, was inconsolable.

tina datta and jasmin

And now it seems, Aly is all set to get the biggest gift from Bigg Boss, several reports suggest that Jasmin will re-enter Bigg Boss 14 next month. Yes, you heard that right.

Jasmin to enter BB 14 but not as a contestant.

According to reports, Jasmin will not enter Bigg Boss 14 as a contestant but will go inside the house as a connection that is she will be entering as a part of the family week. 

As per reports in TOI, Jasmin will be quarantined for a week from January 30. After completing the mandatory quarantine period, she will go inside the house for a week during the family week. Jasmin will be there for Aly as he was also there for her Rember the time when Aly walked out of the house to save her."

jasmin bhasin

Upon hearing this piece of delightful news, Jasmin and Aly's fans are counting days for Jasly to reunite!

Fans on social media can't keep calm as they trend #ReuniteJasly.

 Tinaa Dattaa 

As per reports, pouplar actor Tinaa  Dattaa will be entering the BB house.

Interestingly, when the 14th season was announced, Tinaa's name had started surfacing online, and she had written a note to Big Boss clearing the air of her not entering as a contestant.

Tina Datta

The actress jotted down, "Dear Big Boss,
Did you know how much you are loved?
Let me tell you, I never did. My gosh!
Ever since rumours of my 'imaginary' relationship with you started, my phone has been buzzing nonstop! I feel like the girl who has just gotten engaged... My phone is off the hook! Sponsorships for my wardrobe, calls from the media, headlines about the two of us, and so much curiosity. I am thinking yeh khichdi paki hi kaise? My darling, this match is not made in heaven, not on earth and nor of Indian Television so remember I still love you but as an audience member and not a contestant!

Tinzi Tinaa Dattaa

Take a look at Tinaa's love letter for BB.

tinna Datta

Fans want Eijaz Khan to return to the show.

After his exit, Eijaz shared a video message for his fans and thanked them for their constant support he also said that if he returns he will only get back for his fans.

Check out the view below: