Bigg Boss14 is gearing up for yet another twist. In a shocking turn of events, one of the key contestants of the show Eijaz Khan will be asked to leave the house. Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Vikas Gupta will enter the house.

 Not just that Bigg boss will also take away the rations from the contestants. Wonder why??

Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss takes away inmates rations.

Ration taken away

Of late, contestants have broken the house rules and every task assigned to them ends up as null and void. Earlier, Bigg Boss warned them that if they don't obey all the rules, all their rations could be taken away. But it seems the contestants didn't pay heed to Bigg Boss's warning.

ration taken away
Rakhi Sawant

In the teaser shared by Colors TV, the ration will be taken away by Bigg Boss in tonight's episode. The housemates are shocked and yell to stop the crew from taking it. Aly says, 'Sab kuch le Gaye A to Z sab khatam.'

As the housemate's lounge in the garden area, Bigg Boss locks all doors and sends in a team covered in PPE suits to collect all the ration from the Bigg Boss House.  The housemates are extremely shocked seeing this. As they stand complaining, Bigg Boss's team, one-by-one, meticulously remove all the food and luxury items from the house. 

Eijaz quits

Eijaz Khan leaves the house

Bigg Boss drops another bomb on the housemates. Eijaz Khan, the first contestant this season to step in the Bigg Boss house, will be exiting the house.  Bigg Boss shows Eijaz's journey inside the house and suddenly announces that he will be leaving the house. As soon contestants hear this, Arshi Khan starts crying inconsolably. Aly Goni too bursts into tears.

Arshi khan cries

As per reports, Eijaz has prior commitments due to which he has to leave the house. The makers have roped in previous season contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee as his replacement on the reality show. Eijaz will not be returning to the show unless things take a new turn.

Enters Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Devoleena enters

With all of this, there is another surprise in store for all the housemates, including Eijaz. A new housemate is seen entering the house! Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who was a contestant last season, enters the house! Eijaz is ecstatic on seeing Devoleena, who is his friend outside the house!

The actress will be entering the house and friend Vikas Gupta, who left the house as he was severely ill and needed immediate medical attention.

Reportedly Vikas will also be entering the show with Devoleena as several Bigg Boss fans have shared pictures of the two from the live feed on Voot Select.

 Fans on social media are discussing Devoleena and Vikas's entry

Devoleena and Vikas back
Devoleena and vikas

 Some fans are disheartened with Eijaz's exit and #NoEijazNoBiggBoss14 is trending