In picture: Citizens welcome Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) during an operation to clear the al-Andalus district of Islamic State militants, in Mosul, Iraq, January 16, 2017.Reuters

Reports are coming in that the infamous ISIS fighter, known as Abu Abdulrahman, has been shot dead in a gun battle in Mosul, Iraq.

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Abdulrahman was allegedly notorious for specializing in torturing and killing women. While Iraqi military sources confirm that he has indeed been killed, International Business Times cannot independently verify the claim.

The death of the Saudi-born Abdulrahman comes just weeks after another notorious ISIS "woman torturer", Islam Taha al-Obaidi, was killed in a US airstrike.

Dubbed "Dr Death", al-Obaidi, was alleged to have raped and tortured a number of captured and enslaved Yazidi women.

Women who escaped the clutches of ISIS fighters have recounted tales of horror that includes them being force-fed contraceptive pills — ISIS fighters are allegedly not allowed to have sex with a pregnant woman — and forcing them to have abortions, often inducing it through acts of violence.

It has also been alleged that the cash-strapped terror outfit, currently fighting a losing battle in the urban desolation of Mosul has taken to raiding jewellery from women in the area to finance their fight.

SAS Sniper kills three ISIS fighters with one bullet!

In related news an SAS sniper is said to have pulled off a once-in-a-lifetime shot after it is claimed he killed three ISIS terrorists with one bullet. The first two were killed directly and the third after the bullet ricocheted. The incident, which only just came to light, is said to have taken place in November 2016.