Iraqi Army
BATTLE FOR MOSUL: Iraqi and coalition forces advance as Isis continues its reign of terror. In picture: Iraqi soldiers take cover during clashes with Islamic State fighters in Mosul, Iraq November 9, 2016.Reuters

The Iraqi Army and coalition forces led by the United States are continuing their advance into Mosul, even as the Islamic State group — also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) — continues its reign of terror within Iraq's second-largest city, killing people and issuing strange diktats. 

Isis death toll rises

Local news reports claimed on Thursday that the coalition forces had killed two Isis snipers and destroyed several booby-trapped vehicles in their advance to Mosul. "Troops of the army's 16th brigade managed, this morning, to kill two snipers of the Islamic State, while hiding between trees in Shalalat area, north of Mosul. The troops also managed to destroy two booby-trapped vehicles that tried to attack security forces in the same area," said a report in Al Sumaira news. It added: "Also, Anti-Terrorism forces destructed three booby-trapped vehicles and two motorcycles belonging to the Isis."

With the death of the two snipers, the total number of Isis men killed since the beginning of the offensive on October 17 rose to 1,365, with an Iraqi news report claiming earlier that the total number of deceased was 1,363. 

Acts of terror and strange diktats

The death of Isis fighters is leading to more deaths, thanks to the brutal attitude of members of the terror group. According to a second Iraqi news report, an Isis fighter, on learning that his brother had been killed in fighting with the coalition forces near Mosul, stormed into a house also near Mosul and opened fire, killing "all of the six family members who included a woman and a kid."

Since then, Isis has "put its fighters in the area on alert fearing a backlash from the residents." Locals have been part of the uprising in Mosul from Day One, inflicting heavy damage on Isis in armed combat. 

Meanwhile, Isis is reportedly making its fighters skip prayers in order to make them fight more. "Isis fighters are either diminishing or combining prayers due to the war," a source in Nineveh was quoted by Iraqi News as saying on Wednesday. "The group is telling men in the city to carry weapons and fight besides its militants in order to be rewarded with paradise," added the source.