Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson as BatmanBossLogic (@Bosslogic/Twitter)

Twilight alum Robert Pattinson is having a blast this year — Kristen Stewart's former boyfriend was recently cast to star in the next Christopher Nolan's movie and then he made several eyes turned after he was selected to portray Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the next DCEU movie. Now, acclaimed director Daniel Boyle thinks that Pattinson should become James Bond.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, 27 Hours movie director Danny Boyle talked about his stint with the James Bond movie franchise. The British moviemaker noted that he had seen Robert Pattinson's sci-fi movie High Life and was impressed with his performance.

"It was so bizarre because I was sitting there thinking: 'Oh my God, they should get him to be the next Bond,'" Boyle noted.

Danny Boyle further stated that he thinks that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire star is ready to portray such an iconic character of James Bond.

As previously stated, Danny Boyle was hired to direct the next James Bond movie but due to some creative differences, the director reportedly decided to leave the project. While talking about the action movie, he stated that he was working with his previous collaborator John Hodge but "they didn't really like what we were doing and so it's far better to part company. What we were doing was good. But it was obviously not what they wanted."

Does it mean that we might get to see Robert Pattinson playing the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig? Well, it is too soon to comment on. There have been several big names from Hollywood that are being speculated by fans who should replace Craig in future 007 movies. If Pattinson gets a chance to play this role then it would seriously be amazing to see him playing such a different character.

Daniel Craig

Meanwhile, the upcoming James Bond movie has no title whatsoever. Even the production studio and the crew members are using #Bond25 as their medium to promote the movie. In the upcoming Bond movie, Rory Kinnear will return as Bond's stalwart ally, Tanner. While Naomie Harris will be seen playing the role of Eve Moneypenny.

There have been several rumours that Bond 25 is going to be the last film that will feature Daniel Craig as James Bond. More information about it will be made public after the upcoming spy-thriller movie gets released on the big screen.