Barkha Dutt
Barkha DuttBarkha Dutt/Twitter

In a series of tweets on Thursday, senior journalist Barkha Dutt claims that her life is threatened on various levels. Dutt hints at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) involvement in the threats of surveillance and attempts to smear her personal life.

The former NDTV journalist also revealed in an exclusive interview with NC24x7 that BJP would be responsible if anything happened to her and her family. Dutt also said that her work life has been an uphill battle since she left NDTV last year since promoters are backing out at the very last minute after being pressurized to not work with her.

Since Dutt chose a public domain such as Twitter to express her agony, her tweets attracted mixed reactions from various people. Several users also asked her to file an FIR instead of expressing the ordeal on Twitter. She responded:

For those asking why not file an FIR; please know that intimidation works in multiple ways - arm twisting media owners; tapping phones; income tax harassment, social media smears, regulatory stranglehold... Ask again - why has only Republic been able to launch as a news channel?

— Barkha Dutt (@BDUTT) June 7, 2018

Alt News identified an admin of a now-defunct Facebook page Satish Mylavarapu responding to Dutt's tweets with the same tone for which his original page on Facebook and a Twitter account were suspended.

Just plain threats??? What kind of morons are there in establishment?? They should have gone into action mode of disappearing you... No one needs you in this country... we are fed up of your lies and narratives

— Satish Anna (@SatishAnna2) June 7, 2018

Mylavarapu has been notoriously popular for his abusive and threatening posts on social media. His Twitter accounts were suspended not once, but twice, for his continued attempt to ignite violence against inter-faith couples. But every time an account is suspended, Mylavarapu creates a new account, and this time he has targeted Dutt with his new handle @SatishAnna2.

Take a look at Dutt's tweets that express her sufferings and constant jabs at the government as well as the BJP.