There was a time when India was known all over the world for its rich culture and heritage. But nowadays it is known as the land of bans.

From beef ban, Maggi ban to porn ban, India has witnessed many bans till date, making "ban" the most popular word in the country.

Mocking the trend, famous Youtube channel East India Comedy (EIC) has released a hilarious video called "EIC Ban Ban". The video begins with the quote, "Somewhere in a secret corner in India the 'Guardians of Indian culture' meet every fortnight to discuss important issues."

In the video, the stand-up comedians discuss about banning bread, so that people won't eat non-vegetarian sandwiches. They also plan to ban reproduction and the subject biology from schools. Their ban list includes dictionary, cupcakes, oranges, bedsheets, shoelaces, pasta, portable charger, black pepper and catchphrases, among many others.

Interestingly, they also plan to ban the popular Tv series "Game of Thrones", which they call the Mahabharat of the West.

"They copied from us? It is against Indian culture. Only we can copy from the west. Ban this," says one of the members of the banning committee. However, they decide to ban it after knowing whether Jon Snow (a major character of the show) will come back to the show in the next season!

The video, released on 16 September, has gone viral and has been viewed more than one lakh times.

Watch the video below: