Game of thrones mother's mercy
Jon Snow in 'Mother's Mercy'HBO

The season 5 finale of 'Game of Thrones' saw Kit Harington's character Jon Snow being stabbed by his comrades in the Night's Watch, and left to die.

Although many feel that Jon's story is far from over, especially as actor Harington is reportedly one of those who received salary hikes for the next season, the 28-year-old told Entertainment Weekly that he believes his character was truly dead.

"This is my understanding of it. I had a sit-down with [showrunners] Dan and David, we did the Tony Soprano walk [letting an actor know they're being whacked]. And they said, 'Look, you're gone, it's done.'

"They sat me down and said, 'This is how it is.' If anything in the future is not like that, then I don't know about it – it's only in David and Dan and George's heads. But I've been told I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm not coming back next season. So that's all I can tell you, really."

Addressing the salary hike story, Harington said it was an inaccurate report. "I don't know where it came from, but it was inaccurate in many ways. It's going to put questions into your head and into fans' heads that things are not what they are. Quite honestly, I have never been told the future of things in this show, but this is the one time I have."

Sadly, this goes against several fan theories that believes that Jon Snow could still be a part of the show. Several fans believe Jon will be brought back to life by magic, especially now that Melisandre is back at the Wall. Other theories have him warging into Ghost, his direwolf, or turning into a White Walker and leading them in a battle to take over the south.

But it looks like all these theories will remain just so, especially as Harington believes he will no longer be a part of "Game of Thrones" season 6.