Balochistan massacre left the entire world in shock after 11 coal miners were brutally killed by IS terrorists. The mourning families of the victims along with other members of the Hazara community have been protesting and rallying in Quetta, demanding Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan personally visit them to assure their protection.

As it turns out, Imran Khan hasn't yet paid a visit – not to console the grieving families or assure the community for protection against such acts of violence again. The protestors have vowed to protest for 100 days if the prime minister does not visit them. The protestors haven't even buried the bodies of the coal miners six days after the massacre.

In a bizarre reaction from the leader of Pakistan, Imran Khan said he won't visit Quetta or meet the grieving families until they bury the deceased. Imran Khan even accused the Hazara community of Balochistan of blackmailing the Prime Minster of Pakistan. Adding more shock to the statement, Khan said he won't meet the grieving family members until the burial of dead bodies of the victims is completed.

Imran khan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran KhanIANS

Pak PM is yet to finalize on the day he's going to visit Quetta.

Balochistan massacre

Protests were staged in Quetta against the killing of 11 coal miners in Pakistan's Balochistan province. On Sunday, at least 11 coal miners were kidnapped and killed by unidentified armed men in Machh, an area under serious security threat. According to the police, the attackers abducted the miners and took them to the nearby hills where they were fired at and seriously injured.

Islamic State

The Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) political organisation had staged a sit-in at Quetta's Western Bypass, demanding the provincial government to either arrest the perpetrators or resign, Geo News reported.

MWM leader Syed Muhammad Agha Raza said Prime Minister Imran Khan should come to Quetta to meet the victims' families and assure them justice. Members of the Hazara minority community also staged a separate protest, taking to the Western Bypass.