A Kannada song, despite not being from a movie, has gone viral on the internet. One might also be amazed to know that it is a government-sponsored song!

Yes, it is the evergreen Kannada patriotic track "Baarisu Kannada Dindimava", which was written by the late Jnanpith laureate Kuvempu. The number has been rendered afresh and has become a massive hit among the netizens. 

The Karnataka government has sponsored the song to mark the celebration of the 60th Kannada Rajyotsava on 1 November. Generally, government advertisements and promotional messages fail to connect with the people, but the latest video clip stands apart from the lot.

"Baarisu Kannada Dindimava" has been beautifully composed to suit the tastes of the new-age audience. The western style of rendering with the mix of some English words has struck a chord instantly with listeners.

SV Poornachandra Thejaswi (not to confuse with Kuvempu's son of the same name) of Kannada blockbuster "Lucia" has composed the music.

The music director himself has crooned the song along with SV, Bappi Blossom, Naveen Sajju, Udith Haritas, Kannika Urs, Ananya Bhat, Prithvi, Bhoomika, Arun M C, Pancham, Goutham, Sridevi Kulenur and Shreyas Devnur. Sunil Mysuru has directed the song and Joseph K Raja has done the photography.

The state government had invited interested persons to come up with a proposal in 2013 for the song and Krupakar-Senani Picures bagged the offer as the information department of the state government liked it.

The song has been made for Rs 5 lakh and the young team spent a year in planning it. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will officially launch the song on 1 November.