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Nick Fury is one of the most important characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character is brilliantly portrayed by Pulp Fiction movie star Samuel L. Jackson. Fury does not have any superpowers, but his ability to control almost every Avenger makes him superior. The previous MCU movies revealed that he has the knowledge of almost everything beforehand. As per a recent theory about Infinity War, a fan suggested that Nick Fury also knew about Thanos' Decimation from the beginning.

The internet is filled with Avengers Endgame movie theories. The most awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is slated for release in April but fans are desperately trying to find the clues about the Avengers who survived Thanos' "snap." Talking about Thanos' "snap," a recent theory suggests that Nick Fury already knew what Thanos intended to do with the entire Universe.

It was shown in the end credits of the Avengers: Infinity War that Agent Hill and Nick Furry were driving in a suburb. On the radio, they heard about the ongoing disasters before they both got decimated. As per the new theory on Reddit, Nick Fury actually knew that the Mad Titan's snap would occur on Earth, even before he started to decimate.

In the heartbreaking scene, Agent Hill turns to dust as a result of the decimation. As she is fading away into the unknown, she refers to her long-time colleague as Nick, instead of any professional term. But Nick is seen as completely calm as the entire city falls right in front of his eyes.

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"The only character in the entire movie who reacts to themselves dying in this way. He is not scared, he is not confused, he is irritated. His reaction is more like 'really?? Me??.' No one is so hardcore they simply say: motherf****r when they are dissolving and have no clue why. Even Hill, who is arguably as badass, is alarmed by it.

As per the Redditor, Nick was previously informed that Thanos would eventually be fulfilling his promise of eradicating half the Universe. With this knowledge, Nick maintained his emotions and used his instinct to call Captain Marvel, as even he knows that she is the only one left who can actually possess the power to defeat Thanos.

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