Avengers Endgame movie trailer
Avengers Endgame movie trailerMarvel Studios (@marvelstudios/Instagram)

With three-hours long runtime, the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie is going to be the longest Marvel movie of all time. Fans from around the world have high expectations from this superhero movie and after seeing the recently released special look, we are sure that these 182 minutes are going to be worth every penny.

There were several speculations in the past that after Avengers: Infinity War, the Russo Brothers are going to explore more territories in Endgame movie. In a recent interview with Total Film magazine via Gamesradar, Joe and Anthony Russo explained why the upcoming Marvel movie is going to be just over three-hours long.

Marvel Cinematic Universe started with Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man movie. After Chris Evans' Captain America released, we got to see the independent movies of Hulk and Thor. After 10 years and several released movies with several superheroes to die for, MCU is coming with its biggest movie till date.

As per Joe Russo, "It's 10 years of one of the greatest experiments in movie history coming to a close, and you know, it's an epic narrative that's fitting right around three hours."

Tony Stark
A still from Avengers: End Game trailer

Anthony Russo added to his brother's statement and stated that they both were well aware of the fact that the sequel to Infinity War is going to be a long movie.

"Again, the number of characters, the scope of the story, the fact that it was a conclusion. It's just that everything lined up [so] that it was going to be a difficult story to tell. Meaning that it would require a lot of screen time to tell it properly."

It should be understandable at every point. In the upcoming Endgame movie, we will see several big events taking shape. For instance, Iron Man's return to planet Earth, their entire conversation about going to Thanos' location. It will be followed by their fight with Thanos and how with the help of Captain Marvel, they are going to defeat him in just first 20 minutes. However, reversing back will take some time and this is why we are going to get 182 minutes long movie. Even if the movie was four hours long, Marvel fans would have happily watched it.