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Avengers: Endgame has opened to an overwhelming response in the cinema halls across India. The collection of Marvel Comics superhero is set to cross Rs 60 crore mark at the box office on the first day.

The Marvel Comics superhero movies are the most post popular in India and Avengers is one of the biggest hit film series among the Hollywood film franchise. The previous film in this instalment, Avengers: Infinity War, which was released in India on April 27, 2018, collected Rs 31.30 crore on the first day and Rs 222.69 crore in its lifetime. It is the biggest opener and highest grossing Hollywood film in India.

While fanbase has grown with each film in the Avengers franchise, Avengers: Endgame marks the end of Avengers and Marvel Comics series. Hence, there is massive hype and curiosity about the movie in India. Besides English, the distributors dubbed and released Avengers: Endgame in the Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Avengers: Endgame was expected to a record number of cinema halls across the country in a bid to cash in on the massive hype. But its screen count was limited to just 2,600 screens and the reason is that distributors did not release it in single screens and 2K screens in the country. But the distributors have increased show count and have planned to screen the movie 24x7 in India.

Avengers Endgame
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The massive hype helped Avengers: Endgame god a record amount of advance booking and a day ahead of its Friday release registered 2.5 million advance tickets across the country. BookMyShow, online ticket booking app, witnessed an average sale of 18 tickets per second, which is the highest for any Hollywood film in the country.

The screening Avengers: Endgame began as early as 2.30 am in Mumbai and some other cities of India. What surprised many was the sight of the girls flocking the theatres in Chennai in the wee hours of Friday. This shows the viewers' excitement and fandom for Avengers films.

A fan named Krishna Charan‏ (@pun_laden) tweeted, "Pretentious or not: It's great to see girls flock the cinemas for the coveted 4:30 AM show of #AvengersEndgame. I've never witnessed it in Chennai! Not chest-thumping over #Chennai, but the city's sense of civility has grown multifold to break undesirable conventions and taboos! – at Kasi Talkies."

Avengers: Endgame registered an average of 90 per cent occupancy in the early and regular morning shows. The film ran to a packed house in several centres. Indian film trade analyst Sumit Kadel tweeted, "#AvengersEndgame is off to a SURREAL start at the Indian Box office with occupancy in morning shows is about 85-90% . In major cities film commenced with 95-100% occupancy."

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame has struck a chord with the filmgoers in Indian and is successful in meeting their expectations. The movie has garnered positive talk from everyone and a strong word of mouth is expected to boost its collection in the afternoon and evening shows in the country.

After seeing its pre-release hype, Indian film trade analyst predicted that the last Marvel Comics superhero would rake in around Rs 40 crore at the Indian box office on the first day. But after its release, their calculations have changed and expectations have shot up by multi-folds. As per early trends, Avengers: Endgame would collect more than Rs 60 crore at the Indian box office on the first day.

A fan named Himesh‏ (@HimeshMankad) tweeted, "INSANE, UNHEARD numbers coming in for #AvengersEndgame. What seemed 40 crore a week back, is now looking at 50 crore. Some figures even suggest a Rs 60 crore opening but all eventually boils down to screen and show count which isn't known yet. TRULY EARTH SHATTERINY."

Aamir Khan's Thugs of Hindustan has collected Rs 52.25 crore at the domestic box office on the first day and it is the biggest ever opening day collection for any film in India. Now, Avengers: Endgame is shatter this record. After seeing its earth-shattering opening thrilled viewer named Aditi Raval (@aditiraval), "#AvengersEndgame will not break the record, it will create unbeatable record in #India #FridayFeeling."