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Avatar movie director James Cameron is going to bring a whole new ocean world with his Avatar 2 movie. Fans have always wondered how DCEU movie, Aquaman, would have turned out if instead of James Wan, James Cameron would have written and directed it. The Terminator movie director recently talked about Aquaman and how that ocean world is different from the world which he likes to create in his movies.

With enormous projects like Titanic and Avatar, director James Cameron has proved that his visions can bring millions at the worldwide collection. Furthermore, his projects always have a class which is a result of Cameron's dedication and understanding of the project.

Fans got a treat when they got to see Warner Bros. Aquaman movie featuring Jason Momoa. The movie literally talked about those beings who live inside the ocean. It was pretty obvious for fans to compare James Wan with James Cameron. Earlier this week, Cameron spoke with Yahoo! and explained that Wan's Aquaman movie was good but he could not agree with the vision because of the physics behind it.

"I think it's great fun. I think it's a movie I never could have made," Cameron said. "Truthfully, I never could have made that film because it requires this kind of total dream-like disconnect from any sort of physics or reality."

Avatar 2 movie
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James Cameron further talked about Jason Momoa's Aquaman and stated that the DCEU movie, which grossed over a billion dollars at the box-office and has officially become the highest-grossing DC movie of all time, existed between Greek mythology and a fairy tale.

Over the years, James Cameron has proved that he is some sort of an adventurer himself and he explained further that his take on Aquaman movie would have been extremely methodical comparing to what the world got to see with James Wan's project.

"It needs to look like it's real and while I can enjoy that film [Aquaman], I don't resonate with it because it doesn't look real. By the way, it doesn't actually help us with our issues of actually understanding the ocean and exploring the ocean and preserving the ocean."

At the same time, James Cameron applauded the Aquaman movie for its portrayal of the true fact that we, humans, are clearly using the ocean as a "toilet" and a "garbage dump."