Twitter users are arguing whether Mark Conditt, who has been identified as the man responsible for the serial bombing that stoked fear and terrified the residents in Austin, Texas, should be called a "terrorist" or not.

While Texas governor Greg Abbott has avoided labeling the 24-year-old a terrorist, social media users have called it double standards.

In an interview with Fox News Wednesday, Abbott said, "The definition of a terrorist is more the mindset of the person who committed the crime. Was his goal to terrorize or did he have some other type of agenda?"

He agreed that the deadly bombings in the past three weeks brought "terror" to the city, but he also questioned whether Conditt was "trying to achieve more than terror." Conditt's motive behind the attack has not been revealed.

Austin Bombing
Law enforcement barricade the street as they search the home of suspected Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt on March 21, 2018, in Pflugerville, Texas.T he 24-year-old Conditt blew himself up inside the SUV he was driving as police tried to take him into custody.Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images

"That we don't know yet. But clearly, there was terrorism that was felt," Abbott said.

But critics and social media users called it a racial abuse and asked what if the person was a non-white.

"Let me get this straight, a suicide bomber murdered people then blew himself up but they're not calling him a 'terrorist' because he's white?" Airborne Toxic Event singer Mikel Jollett wrote on Twitter.

"If the Austin bomber had been Muslim, the national guard would be on the streets of Texas by now," he said.

American-Pakistani comedian Kumail Nanjiani took to Twitter to say that calling Conditt a "challenged young man" is the height of white privilege.

"The Austin Police Chief referred to the serial bomber as a "challenged young man." Murdering multiple people and being called "challenged" is the height of white privilege," he tweeted.

"If this terrorist bomber was a brown guy, my mom wouldn't be able to leave her house for a week," Nanjiani added.

Here's what other social media users said.