Goddess kali design for T-Shirts
Goddess kali design for T-ShirtsTwitter

Armin Navabi, who is the founder of the Atheist Republic, is facing the wrath of many Hindus after he created sexy Goddess Kali design for T-Shirts. The unfazed atheist has announced about the creation of the design.

Armin Navabi is an Iranian Canadian ex-Muslim atheist activist, author and podcaster. He is currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He founded the online free-thought community Atheist Republic in 2012. It is a Canada-based non-profit organization, which now has hundreds of branches in several countries. He authored the book Why There Is No God in 2014 and became a co-host of the Secular Jihadists in 2017.

The founder of Atheist Republic is very active on Twitter and on September 10, he hurt the religious sentiments of many Hindus with his derogatory tweet on Goddess that read, "Like it or not, if my relationship with Kali gets serious, I might end up being every Hindu's stepfather."

Many people were furious with Armin Navabi's insulting post on Goddess Kali and they started trolling and abusing him for hurting their sentiments. Some even went on to issue a death threat to him. The atheist did not stop there, as he tweeted, "I do prefer these new creative death threats. The other ones were getting boring."

Later, Armin Navabi added, "Activism for changing minds requires different tactics from activism for normalizing dissent. Different goals, different methods."

On September 11, Armin Navabi released the initial drafts of sexy Kali design and captioned it with, "Look what you have done Are you happy now? Not sexy at all! #ISimp4Kali still! The initial drafts of Atheist Republic's own Sexy Kali design are looking so good! I can't wait to share it with you all."

Armin Navabi released the final design of the goddess on his Twitter account on September 14 and captioned it with, "We said we'll design our own Sexy Gods & Goddesses. Here's the first! #SexyKali ❤ Get it on a shirt here: https://bit.ly/2RkNE6I We'll design a new god every month if we stay above 150 patrons. Help us stay there: https://bit.ly/3iza3J2 Next design: Kali & Sita making out."

Many people especially Hindus across the globe were disappointed and angry with Armin Navabi's insulting design of the Hindu Goddess. They replied to him and condemned him for his disrespect.

Here is how people reacted to Armin Navabi's sexy Goddess Kali design:

Sanjay Mehta @sanjaymehta

This vile POS conveniently targets Hindus, knowing that unlike his own desert cult, he won't have some disgusting Khomeini call out for a fatwa on his head. Once a cult member, always a cult member. And here's proof:

Sunflower @PrettaMalaysia

Okay bitch. You're brainless. You've no idea what KALI is. it just makes you look stupid. Unethical. Mannerless. Brainless. And out of all. You've failed as a human the moment you can't respect other people's beliefs and faith.

Ghost @eswar9621

Dumb asses like this is the reason why we need covid.... this is utterly disrespectful and not artistic in any fuckin way... bodoh

Shawnemmanuel @Shawnemmanuel05

I really hope and pray to all the gods in the universe that you'd suffer for disrespecting other people's beliefs and the beautiful religion that many believe in. It's fine if you don't believe in their belief system- but don't do such fucked up things.

Despite facing criticism, Armin Navabi went on to announce the creations of Sita, Krishna, Muhammad and others' designs. He tweeted, "Upcoming designs: - Kali & Sita making out - Muhammad & Krishna making out - Muhammad & Kali enjoying some BDSM - Aisha & Fatima making out (or enjoying some BDSM) This would be Aisha after Muhammad's death when she's an adult! Support these projects."