Asaduddin Owaisi and Koena Mitra
Asaduddin Owaisi and Koena MitraCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Hyderabad Lok Sabha MP and the president of AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen), Asaduddin Owaisi, is facing the wrath of many Hindus after he said that he wants the masjid back. Actress Koena Mitra has countered him with '#IdiotOwaisi I want our 40,000 temples back,' which is now trending on Twitter.

Before the Supreme Court's verdict, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, political leaders from different parties and celebs from various walks of life requested everyone to accept and respect it irrespective in whose favour it has come. Most of the political leaders and the common public have accepted the verdict and remained calm and quiet. But not Asaduddin Owaisi, who has been condemning it.

In an interview with Outlook, AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi expressed his disappointment over the SC's verdict on Ayodhya Ram Mandhir and its political and social implications. The Hyderabad MP shared the link to the interview on his Twitter account and also wrote, "I want my masjid back." His tweet grabbed many eyeballs with some resorting to criticizing and trolling within no time.

Actress Koena Mitra often voices her opinions on issues related to Hinduism. After hearing the verdict, she tweeted, "What a verdict! #RamMandir Thank you Shri @narendramodi ji. #AYODHYAVERDICT" Later, she tweeted some photos and wrote, 491 years..... It didn't come easy... May our generations to come always remember and respect this. #AYODHYAVERDICT #RamMandir #RamMandirVerdict."

Koena Mitra and Asaduddin Owaisi
Koena Mitra and Asaduddin OwaisiCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

It is known that Koena Mitra has condemned Asaduddin Owaisi on several occasions. The supermodel-turned-actress was furious to see his post on SC's verdict on Ayodhya issue on Saturday night. She retweeted his post and wrote, "I want our 40,000 temples back. #IdiotOwaisi." This hashtag caught up the fire within no time and many started trolling him with the hashtag.

Kritivas Bhardwaj @KritivasB

#IdiotOwaisi I want my 40,000 temples back not to forget the lives taken of our Sikh brothers and hindu brothers

Himesh Shahi @ShahiHimesh

I want all my 40,000 temples, 27 Lakh lives of Hindu peoples who were killed, destroyed & Ruined by Invaders from a dry land who got settled here! #IdiotOwaisi

Yati Sharma(21.5k) @YatiSha08242381

I want our 40,000 temples back. #IdiotOwaisi

Janodia @i_janodia

Go back to Pakistan, if you want your Masjid back. Few people like you are spreading hatred amongst Indian people. SUPREME COURT IS SUPREME. I'll advice you to please go back to Pakistan and try your luck. Now Hindus want all the 40k Temples back. #IdiotOwaisi

Lalit @Lalit2k4Lalit

Yes we should get back all temples ASAP #IdiotOwaisi Kankhajura owaisi

G. Venkatesh @GVenkat161175

One & only thing to do to such people like #IdiotOwaisi. Scrutinize their source of funds & make it public. His own followers will take out their footwear & thrash him as per Islamic law of justice.

Sabrina Jaiswal @JaiswalSabrina

#IdiotOwaisi According to islam building masjid on disputed land is http://haram.So this fight is not for masjid it is for political purpose. He said that he will accept bcoz verdict will b based on facts n when it is given he accused court of being partial.

Anand Pote @AnandPote3

You are converted muslim and we want you should back in Hindu religion #IdiotOwaisi

Rakesh Nair @rakeshpn

You are just a shameless and clueless guy. No wonder, this #idiotowaisi is trending.

Anirudh Sharma @Anirudh78867581

Even the Muslim Community did not idolize the poisoned words of #IdiotOwaisi. We will get our #RamMandir back! #MandirVahiBanega

Sandesh shetty @sandesh204

Goat faced #IdiotOwaisi Is against the supreme court decision  L*udu government gave 5 acr land . Build musjid there. Don't shout #IWantMyMasjidBack. Instead build there . Otherwise give that land to build hospital for poor people #IdiotOwaisi

@lok kumar @alok42

Muh se tatti nikalana band kro.. For everybody as said be4, whatever be the Supreme Court judgement will be acceptable. The decision came as 5-0 ok. So stop politics on this now.  #IdiotOwaisi

Sanjeev @Sanjeev62735988

#IdiotOwaisi Had the Masjid existed their in Ayoehya, the verdict would have been different. Just don't spread the hatred  poison. We respect all the religion.

manoj0254 @manoj0254

@asadowaisi, legally the land belongs to Ram janmabhoomi. Below the foundation of every prominent mosque in India there are remains of a temple. The Hindus are not after every such mosque. They wanted only the land of Ram Janmabhoomi. #IdiotOwaisi Your intention is clearly visible. After your defeat in the last Maharastra elections, you want to revive your political fortunes by radicalizing #Muslim youth. #IdiotOwaisi

Ankush S Rana  @AnkushSRana

Yes Indeed @koenamitra, priority must be Kashi & Mathura. And Go to Pakistan #IdiotOwaisi then plan a terror attack.