Arti Singh with Dipak
Arti Singh with DipakInstagram

Arti Singh is basking in the happiness of her wedding festivities. After a super energetic mehendi and haldi ceremony, the actress gave everyone a good look at her husband-to-be at their sangeet night. All eyes were on Arti and Dipak Chauhan as they danced, got mushy and indulged in a bit of PDA. However, a section couldn't stop commenting on Arti's fiancé, Dipak Chauhan's complexion.

Mean comments on Arti's post

"What was her obligation?" asked a user.

"Why is his face looking fake?" asked another user.

"Looks like Divya Agarwal's husband's brother," a troll commented.

"Should have got his makeup done also such contrast," another troll commented.

"Nothing in there to be jealous of," a social media user wrote.

Arti Singh, Dipak Chauhan

"She lives for camera n mirror..may God save the guy from her obsessive behavior," read one more of the comments.

Trolling and passing negative comments on someone's complexion is a new low, even for trolls.

Recently, in an interview, Aayush Sharma had also expressed his anger at trolls commenting on wife's complexion.

Aayush Sharma disturbed over Arpita getting trolled over skin complexion

Aayush had said that majority of India's population is dark skinned, yet they don't stop from mocking others over their darker skin. He also questioned those who keep sharing campaigns on black lives matter and other such slogans but put down those with a darker complexion near them. Aayush had simple reasoning for this.

"Kis baat ke liye ek skin colour ke peeche log haath dho ke pad jaate hain? Kyu? Sochne ki baat hai, hum log yahan bolte hain 'Black Lives Matter' America main. Aur yahan pe khud ke logo ka hi rang ka mazaak uda rahe hain. (What makes people so hell bent to discuss someone else's complexion? Why? We keep saying "black lives matter" and then do this to the people of our own country? Making fun of them. It is her complexion, if you don't wish to see that, don't look there)," the Antim actor said rightly so.