Episode 2 of Arrow season 6 is titled Tribute.Facebook/Arrow

Arrow season 6 will be back with a new episode on The CW next Thursday, October 19, at 9 pm EST. Episode 2 will feature some new challenges for Oliver Queen.

Green Arrow became a public enemy in season 5. Now, a photo of Oliver in costume has been leaked online. It will surely make things difficult for team Arrow.

According to cast member Emily Bett Rickards, there could be a change in role for the team's members.

"Superheroes can wear a mask for only so long. They're undercover already, but they have to go into super lockdown in a way. They have to try new tactics and operate missions in different ways and not everyone is going to be playing the same role," said the actress during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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However, cast member David Ramsey, who portrays John Diggle in the supernatural drama series, is not worried about the public reaction. He believes the team should be more alert because of Special Agent Watson.

"She makes it very difficult. She's on it. She reminds me of this show I used to do called Dexter and this guy named Doakes was on Dexter's cases. He eventually got killed because he was so close. I mean, no one knew it like he knew it. He pieced it all together. She's like that; she's really, really sharp. Does she make it difficult for the team? Very difficult," the actor.

In a similar vein, Stephen Amell said the FBI agent will not stop at anything to prove Oliver Queen is Green Arrow.

"She is 100 percent sure. If Lance in season 1 was 100 percent sure, Special Agent Watson is like 400 percent sure that he is totally f***ing lying and that he is the Green Arrow and she doesn't care," he added.