The return of "Arrow" Season 4 is almost a month away, but the trailer for the upcoming Episode 10, "Blood Debts", has all the fans prematurely worried about Felicity's (Emilly Bett Rickards) fate. The extended promo shows Oliver (Stephen Amell) going on a revenge rampage only to return and learn that doctors will not divulge what is wrong with Felicity.

In the previously aired Season 4 Episode 9 of "Arrow", we saw one of the most devastating moments in television history, when after giving "Olicity" fans everything they wished for, the writers took it away literally a couple of minutes later. Oliver and the Green Arrow have both changed their tactics in fighting for Star City this season, and part of that is for the potential mayor to be open about his fight against the leader of HIVE, Damian Darhk (Neal McDonough).

During his holiday party, Oliver declared his love for Felicity and proposed to her, claiming she was "the one that lights my way". In openly condemning Darhk's acts of terrorism on the people of Star City, and making it clear that it would not faze him or his love for the city, Oliver became a better leader and the kind of man Felicity hoped he would be.

However, it also resulted in Darkh retaliating even more vehemently by sending a bunch of Ghosts to shoot at Oliver and Felicity. Although Oliver was successful in defeating the Ghosts, Felicity took a hit, leaving a devastated Oliver shouting in misery in the middle of the road.

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However, in the first promo shows her being taken to hospital, and with the new trailer, we know doctors have made some sort of progress in helping her. In the "Revenge Trailer" we see Thea telling Oliver: "Felicity is out of surgery. They didn't say what was wrong," before the scene cuts to a crying momma Smoak (Charlotte Ross).

While she might have a difficult journey ahead of her, it is safe to assume that Felicity is not going to die so early in the Season, especially because the show-runners are trying to misdirect us by showing the grave scene from Episode 1 in every single promo.

Moreover, if Felicity's father Noah Kuttler aka the Calculator (Tom Amandes) is going to enter Star City, she needs to be alive. According to reports, he is going to use his Internet manipulation skills — which he incidentally passed on to his genius daughter — to lure Roy (Colton Haynes) out of hiding and use him for bad things.

This will be the first time we see Roy in Season 4, and his return would be interesting to watch, because his ex-girlfriend Thea (Willa Howard) is sort of seeing someone else: Oliver's campaign manager Parker (Alex Davis).