"Arrow" has been on a mid-season break since the season 4 episode 9 "Dark Waters", leaving all fans desperate to know about the future of Felicity. The premiere of Episode 10 is slated for Wednesday, 20 January, but we have a feeling that "Arrow" fans have nothing to worry about – because Felicity will live beyond "Blood Debts".

As we have reported earlier, the Ghosts' shooting is a massive misdirection on the part of the show runners, and will not result in Felicity's death. The timeline of the grave scene does not add up with the shooting scene, and moreover, Zoom or not, Barry (Grant Gustin) would never miss her funeral or be as disconnected from her death as he seems to be.

Judging by how the death has affected Oliver (Stephen Amell), the character who dies in the season finale could be a member of Team Arrow -- leading us to believe that Diggle (David Ramsey) or Laurel (Katie Cassidy) may be headed towards the grave. It could also be Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne), as most fans who voted in our poll a couple of weeks back predicted.

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The foreshadowing of his death could be traced back to the discussion between Laurel and her father when Quentin said he couldn't imagine what he would do if anything happened to her. In fact, Lance would have died attempting to save Laurel from Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), which would be befitting especially since he had started working with Darhk to protect her.

Regardless, we are almost certain that "Olicity" will survive the mid-season finale. One possible and ridiculous outcome of the "death" could be arrival of Felicity from Earth 2, the portal which has opened up because of the ruptures caused in the singularity after Barry travelled in time.

Although The Flash/Arrow crossover is quite common and has brought meta-humans to Star City, this sort of convergence seems almost too crazy. However, that does not seem to be dettering one fan called "A" who commented on SpoilerTV, "I think after the show milks the sadness for all it's worth Felicity Smoak from Earth 2 will come into play, only thing is she'll have NO interest in Oliver."