Arijit Singh
Arijit SinghInstagram/believeinarijit
Arijit SinghInstagram/believeinarijit

Arijit Singh enjoys a massive fan following all across the globe. One of the most sought after and loved singers in the country, Arijit is often hailed for his simplicity and humility. From riding a scooty to going to buy fish himself, the man is often touted as the singer with a golden heart. However, his recent action during a live performance has left social media divided.

Arijit SinghInstagram/believeinarijit

In a video doing the rounds, Singh can be seen cutting his fingernails during a live performance. The video has left social media divided. Many are lauding Arijit for his simplicity and many are calling him unprofessional for chipping off nails in front of his audience. Let's take a look at some of the reactions.

Social media divided

"He did that so that he could tap through his guitars a lil better I think," a user wrote. "He should have done it before the concert, highly unprofessional, and who gets nail cutters to concerts? Crazy stuff," another user commented. "This is not called humble, this is unhygienic," a social media user commented. "It must be bothering him playing the guitar," another social media user commented.

"Some nibbi said "highly unprofessional" to one of the best singers in the country," read a comment. "Hope he does not take a casual shit on stage the next time," another user took a dig. "You never find a Nail Cutter when you need it. What a lucky Guy," one more comment read. "This happened at the Dubai concert recently and I was there! He had difficulties with playing the guitar and hence had to cut his nails," a person revealed.

"Nothing cool about it. His outfit and this act are both unwittingly to how he should carry himself. Pathetic", "Go backstage, do it come back! This,so not cool!", "Cutting nails after dark?? Indian mummies dont like him anymore" were some more comments on the video. While the video has left social media divided, let us know what's your take on it.