Arhaan Khan and Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora has been making headlines ever since the reports of her being in a relationship with Arjun Kapoor surfaced online. The diva, who doesn't believe in hiding her relationship, has been pretty vocal about her current phase of life. Recently, in a chat show, Malaika spoke at length about her son, his girlfriends and her divorce with Arbaaz Khan.

On being asked by Anupama Chopra whether her son, Arhaan Khan's girlfriends get intimidated by her unabashed personality and sexiness, Arora had a rather fun answer. Talking about it, she said, "That's what everybody says around me. I think I am the coolest mom on Earth. I think that. But, everybody says, you know, those poor girls, they feel a little.. I say I don't think so. They are really fine, they come, they hang with me. In my head, I am the coolest and he is a really cool kid.

Further elaborating on the subject and talking about her son, Malaika said, "He is not one of those to feel weird. The normal growing up issues are there but, I guess he somewhere lets me be. He knows this is what my mom is all about and he is proud of it. I have never ever heard him say 'what is this' or 'why'. I have never heard him say that. And, I think kids are pretty vocal so he would say if something's on his mind or something he feels. But, never."

Talking about finding love again, Malaika said, "Everyone wants to be in love again, to be in a relationship. Nobody wants to be alone and single for the rest of their life. Irrespective of what everyone said around me, I am glad that I made this choice on my own."