Black Man in Kerala
Black Man in KeralaFacebook

In many parts of Kerala, people are alarmed with the stories of an unidentified 'Black Man', who reportedly attacks women and children during night.

Some residents of Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and Kollam districts have recently complained that a huge dark figure has been frightening them during the late nights.

According to eyewitnesses, the 'Black Man' wears a black outfit and mask. It is believed that a spring is attached to their shoes, which helps them jump high. Some claim that 'Black Man' might be the brain child of a group of young pervert men, who wants to peep into the women's bedrooms.

Many fabricated reports have also been doing the rounds in other parts of Kerala, including Kazhakkoottam in Thiruvananthapuram, which is the hub of many techies. 

Recently, three 'Black Men' were reportedly arrested in the state capital. They are said to have been involved in theft cases and other anti-social activities.

The news on 'Black Man' has also gone viral on social media platforms, and many have shared their views on the matter.

A Facebook user named Anver Sadath V Anakkayam has shared an audio file on his page, which has gone viral, where he has explained about the 'Black Man', who has become a nightmare for many residents of Kerala. 


Meanwhile, Adoor CI S Nandakumar has claimed that many anti-social elements have also been attacking the locals in the name of a certain 'Black Man'. He has also requested the common people not to handle the laws by themselves.

However, one has to wait to know whether these 'Black Man' stories are true or just a hoax.

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