Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is gearing up for the release of The Archies. Apart from Suhana Khan, the film stars Khushi Kapoor, Agastya Nanda, and Yuvraj Menda among others. The film is set to stream on Netflix India from December 7, 2023.

The cast is leaving no stone unturned to promote their upcoming film.

Suhana Khan

After the music launch, the cast danced their hearts out on songs from their film Archies namely 'Va Va Voom'. At the college fest in Mumbai, the cast of Archies also showcased their hula hoop skills.

Khushi, Agastya, Suhana and others wowed the collegegoers as they spun Hula hoops with ease

Netizens were unhappy with their talent and dubbed it as, 'nonsense talent', and 'kinder garden behaviour'.


A user wrote," This is no talent at all."


Another mentioned, " nonsense this is.."

The third one wrote, "Kindergarden-like performance."

Meanwhile, the members of The Archies, including Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor and Agastya Nanda, have shared fun facts about themselves in the latest promo video of Zoya

The promo video begins with behind-the-scenes clips of the young cast on The Archies set with each of them coming up with a hilarious confession. Suhana Khan laughingly confessed that she cannot not wink. "I look really stupid when I wink," said the 23-year-actress.

Vedang Raina confessed his love for gaming, While Khushi Kapoor sheepishly talked about obsession about punctuality. "I think it physically hurts me to be late for anything. So, for me, on time is five minutes early," she said.

It turns out that Yuvraj Menda has a soft spot for makeup and Agastya Nanda can make sounds with his fingers by snapping them. Mihir Ahuja revealed his hidden talent of making F1 car sounds with his mouth in the promo, while Aditi Dot, who plays Ethel in The Archies and also contributed to the soundtrack of the film, said she loves crocheting.

Sharing the video on social media on Tuesday, the official Instagram handle of The Archies wrote, "Calling this a 'meet-cute' because The Archies are the cutest and WE CAN"T WAIT TO MEET THEM Meet The Archies on 7 December, only on Netflix!"