Amid the nationwide lockdown, celebrities are utilising more time to connect with their fans and entertain them through social media. Many are sharing how they have been spending their quarantine days at home by cooking, cleaning, painting, dancing, and learning new skills, Archana Puran Singh has been entertaining fans in a unique way.

The permanent guest of The Kapil Sharma Show 2 has made her househelp, Bhagyashree, a star among her followers by sharing her entertaining videos on Instagram. The househelp's innocence and simplicity and Archana and Bhagyashree's funny banters have been winning hearts of fans. The actress has also been receiving a lot of praises for treating her employee with love and dignity. 

Archana Puran Singh
Archana Puran Singh on The Kapil Sharma ShowInstagram

However, Archana did come under the scanner of a few netizens who accused the actress of making her househelp do all the household chores. And to clarify this, Archana shared another video where she informed Bhagyashree that about 2000 people wished her on her birthday and the latter expressed gratitude to all.

This was followed by Archana informing her that a few people think she singlehandedly does all the household work to which, Bhagyashree clarifies that the work is shared equally by all the members of the family. She also adds that one shouldn't jump to such a conclusion based on a few short videos. Check out a few videos of Archana and Bhagyashree's hilarious conversations below:

Rumour of TKSS 2 fresh episodes:

Meanwhile, as the shooting of The Kapil Sharma Show 2 stands cancelled, rumours of the producers intending about coming up with fresh episodes without a live audience made the news. The rumors further stated that Kapil and others are shooting for the episodes from home itself.

A source told an entertainment portal said, "Why not? Since the Corona virus struck the world, the most popular talk show hosts of America like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres gave adopted a no-audience format. They're even recording their shows from their homes. Kapil is likely to follow this novel way of beating the Corona."'

Kapil denies shooting for fresh episodes:

However, Kapil Sharma denied saying that he had no clue about the news of fresh episodes, "I don't have any information about this. I also read in some news," he told India Forums.