Amid the nationwide lockdown, celebrities are utilising more time to connect with their fans and entertain them through social media. From sharing how they have been spending their quarantine days by cooking, cleaning, painting, dancing to learning new skills, some are also interacting with fans through live chats quite often.

Archana Puran Singh, who is currently seen as a permanent special guest in Sony TV's The Kapil Sharma Show, too has been entertaining and interacting with her fans through social media. Archana, who is respected and loved by Kapil and other members, always motivates her team by taking jokes thrown at her on the show quite sportingly and never gets offended. 

Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show 2
Archana Puran Singh cries during live Instagram chatYoutube screengrab

However, seems like a few social media users take this as an advantage to disrespect or abuse the actress. In a recent live chat with fans, Archana broke down into tears on being called a 'budhi'. 

Expressing her displeasure, she said in the video: 'Some people on my feed have said budhi. So I want to ask that budhi means age and yes I have two grown-up sons. Isn't everyone's mother budhi? My mother is budhi so why is it used as a bad word? If you guys are thinking that you all are insulting me then it doesn't matter to me but don't use it as abuse. However, with the kind of intention, you'll say I feel like giving it back. So it's a request don't make any such negative comments.'

It's heartbreaking to see the otherwise cheerful actress choking and breaking down into tears. Check out the video from her live chat below:

Archana has no issues with Kapil and team:

There have had been many times when fans of Archana had trolled Kapil mercilessly for taking a constant dig and cracking demeaning jokes at her on show. The actress had once cleared the air saying that she has no issues with Kapil and the team whatsoever and feels 'inconvenience' and 'irreverence' is the mother of all comedy.

Sharing a beautiful picture with Kapil, Archana had posted on social media: "Irreverence and inconvenience is the mother of all comedy. I firmly believe that. William James said, "We don't laugh because we are happy, we're happy because we laugh." I 'choose' to be happy. And I love people who make me laugh. I love you Kapil. Because you make me laugh. Like no other. Much like the sunshine, you bring into the lives of millions, may you shine always. @kapilsharma @sonytvofficial @banijayasia."

In response, Kapil had also shared a picture with Archana saying, "Love you ma'am."

Kiku on how Archana takes all the jokes:

Kiku Sharda, who plays the role of Baccha Yadav on Kapil Sharma Show, had also said that Archana is very much aware of the jokes and sly digs that are taken at her on the show. He had also mentioned that she takes all the jokes quite sportingly and never gets offended by their jokes at all.

In an interview with Times of India, Kiku had said: "When we shoot for TKSS we make sure that any celebrity visiting our show should not feel bad. We draw a line and don't go over the top with our jokes. We try our best to not hurt anyone with our jokes. We make fun of each other and pull each other's leg. Archana ji is as much as a co-star like any of us. One needs to understand that she is part of the team and we create jokes sitting with each other. She is very much aware of what jokes are going to be cracked and what the script is."