Arbaaz Khan

Arbaaz Khan's latest YouTube show – Pinch – has been gaining popularity and how! From celebrities breaking their silence on many unanswered questions to tackling trolls directly, the show can indeed be called a one-of-a-kind and innovative concept to have hit our screens. Amidst all this, we can't help but be smitten by the new version – Arbaaz Khan 2.0 – we are being presented with. Let's take a look at why we love this revamped version of the Khan bhai way more than earlier.

Witty response: If you've seen the latest videos of Arbaaz Khan's sassy response to a journalist, while promoting his show - Pinch - you'd know what exactly are we talking about. His playful banters with journalists are becoming a hit now! Mr Khan's cheerful personality and playfulness is something that we don't get to see that often in many other celebs. And that is just one of the instances where Arbaaz Khan has given us all a hearty laugh with his sheer humour and wit. Off-late, Khan has been tickling our funny bones with his candid responses and one-liners to his guests on his Youtube show – Pinch too. 

Less guarded: We understand that though professionally things have been at an all-time high ever since he produced Dabangg, on the personal front, the last few years might have been quite daunting for Arbaaz too. The media and paparazzi, both, conveniently failed to acknowledge that it was Arbaaz too who had to fight the strangest rumours, weirdest speculations and the constant invasion of privacy. And we must applaud the way Arbaaz has revamped himself and appears to have put his past behind. What's most interesting is the way Arbaaz has become approachable and less guarded in the last few months.

Pinch: Though Arbaaz has been the face of many comedy and reality shows earlier, it is through his show – Pinch – that we are getting a glimpse into this new version of his personality. More at ease, relaxed and smoothly sailing his guests into the format of the show; Arbaaz appears to be a pro at doing this. Though the format of the show is to tackle the ugly scenario of trolls; with his humour, smile and oh-good-looks! Arbaaz is making it appear like an easy-breezy chat show, without losing out on to the genuine message the show leaves us with.

We certainly can't get enough of Arbaaz's newfound charm, can you?