AR Reihana speaks about Chinmayi's allegation on Vairamuthu
AR Reihana supports Chinmayi.A screen shot from the interview

AR Reihana, the sister of Oscar Award-winning musician AR Rahman, has extended her support to the #MeToo movement and revealed that she had heard about Vairamuthu's sexual misconduct behaviour from a few others.

Speaking to News 7, AR Reihana said that Chinmayi should have spoken about the issue when it happened than make an issue now. "It happened 15 years ago and she should have spoken about it then to ensure that it doesn't repeat, but I believe what she says because, not this incident alone, I have heard similar stories of harassment from Vairamuthu from 2-3 members," the singer said.

"It's like an open secret in the industry," she tells about Vairamuthu's habitual harassing behaviour.

But AR Reihana does not approve of Chinmayi's gesture to invite Vairamuthu to her wedding and falling on his feet when she suffered so much harassment from his hands.

When the interviewer asked her whether Chinmayi was doing it for fame, AR Rahman's sister responded, "I don't know what she has in her mind, but she has taken up the cause which might do some good to the society. But one person should not be singled out and there are many others who are facing allegations. So their names should also be discussed."

There are rumours that Chinmayi would not get to work with AR Rahman from now on following the controversy. Reacting to the question, Reihana said that as a practice, AR Rahman refuses to work with controversial names, but I cannot talk on behalf of him. She said that every individual thinks differently and she cannot comment on this issue.  

Reihana claims that AR Rahman is clueless about such things in the industry despite working with Vairamuthu for years. "When the controversy broke out, he asked me, is it true? He doesn't know anything and he is very innocent. He never encourages gossips. Even if we anyone talks gossips, he advises them to concentrate on their work."

The singer does not agree with Chinmayi's mother's claims that she should not have grown in the film industry if she had spoken about the issue back then. Reihana recalls an incident where Chinmayi's mother had harassed her despite knowing that she is the sister of AR Rahman which clearly indicate that they lack fear.