While Aquaman Jason Momoa is occupied re-shooting and promoting Justice League releasing this November, Mera actress Amber Heard is swamped with a series of stunt scenes for the Aquaman movie.

aquaman jason momoa
Aquaman Jason Momoa at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, releasing the first footage of the Aquaman movieKevin Winter/Getty Images

Shared by a DC fan on Reddit, the latest leak featuring the DCEU actress sees her shuttling between buildings shooting for a stunt scene. The actress was seen without her Aquaman or any prominent cast of the film.

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Instead, she was seen flaunting her red head on a sunny day wearing a white outfit while a troop of Atlantean soldiers aim at the star. Jumping from one rooftop to another, the character is running for the covers in the picture.

While there has not been any mention about what the scene is, Screen Rant reports that this could play an influential part in the events leading up to Momoa's Arthur Curry and his half brother Orm/Ocean Marster played by Patrick Wilson.

In another set of filming visuals, the fans were given a preview of the magnificent Amnesty Bay Lighthouse. A few weeks ago, a few pictures shared by a local news channel revealed that a popular holiday spot, Hastings Post, on Gold Coast was being transformed into the Lighthouse from the Aquaman comics. With the new video, shared by Yahoo's 7 News via Twitter, the location's transformation is evident.

Aquaman leaked photos
Mera actress Amber Heard while shooting for Aquaman in Australia.Reddit

The construction of the iconic monument is almost complete and the area around is being prepared for the filming as well. The crew is supposed to begin filming at the location starting mid August. The video also gives an idea of how breathtaking the location will be in the movie.

For those of you who don't know, the iconic Lighthouse plays an important role in the Aquaman comics as it was in the lighthouse that Arthur Curry's parents first met.

Justice League will be crucial for Aquaman as the movie will set the platform for Aquaman to take off. It is speculated that the Aquaman movie's timeline will follow the events following Justice League so fans could expect a number of Easter eggs lined up in JL.

Aquaman releases on December 21, 2018.