Amber Heard Mera Aquaman photo
Amber Heard as Mera in AquamanAmber Heard, Twitter

A big foot has made his way to the Aquaman filming location, according to Amber Heard. The Mera actress took to Instagram to make the announcement. But who is the big foot on the sets? Well, it is none other than Aquaman Jason Momoa.

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Sharing a behind the scenes pictures with her followers, the actress publically took a dig at the DC superhero's feet size. And my god, Momoa should really be called the big foot. Check out the photos below.

Taken during a training session, the actress was scene in gym wear, obviously training for her role opposite Momoa. Taking a quick break from her vigorous training session, Heard posed with Momoa's boot. What's unique about the boot?

The boot is the size of Heard's thigh. Yes, you read it right: thigh! And this is the length of his sole. Through the picture, the boot looks evidently heavy. The weight is also seen when her flexed right arm.

Getting a firsthand experience, the actress shared a picture with the caption: "Check out Jason's boot. #Aquaman's gonna need some big flippers."

A kneeling Heard already looked small as against to the huge boot she held. Imagine her standing against the hugely built Momoa.

Check out Jason's boot. #Aquaman's gonna need some big flippers. @prideofgypsies

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While there are pictures of the two shared by the stars, the duo is seen sitting on a chair in a restaurant. Fans would want to see physical difference of the stars as the posed with each other, standing.

Undercover Down Under #aquaman @prideofgypsies

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#aquaMan Crush Monday @prideofgypsies #JusticeLeague

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It has hardly been a week since Heard began filming for Aquaman and the actress is clearly having a ball filming the DC movie on the sets.

The Aquaman star Momoa is also having fun behind the scenes as he has been actively sharing posts on his Instagram to keep fans posted about his whereabouts and the DC movie.

ALL WORK AND NO CLIMBING MAKES JASON A DULL BOY. Sending My new @soill fat butt campus wall. Aloha AC

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Recently, a few pictures from the filming location also hit online. The photos gave fans a sneak peek into the movie.

Aquaman is being filmed in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The film is slated for release on December 21, 2018.