Sets of Aquaman, blend practical and special effectsWarner Bros via YouTube Screengrab

The King of Atlantis is ruling over the seven seas. Well at least if you believe the first reactions to the movie. First reactions to the movie are out and what can we say to the fans, except that the DCEU finally seems to be finding its footing. Starting with their sea legs. Get it sea legs.

We can't wait to see the King of the seas hit our screens. Aquaman stars Jason Momoa as the titular superhero, along with an all-star cast that includes Julie Andrews, Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson. Jason Momoa first portrayed Aquaman in the DC team-up movie Justice League, which was not well-received by fans and left the future of the DCEU in question. 

The DCEU has been having trouble for a while, floundering on direction and never quite getting its footing. The success of rival Marvel's cinematic universe had caused Warner Brothers to fast-track a whole bunch of superhero movies without any sort of planning. The studio greenlit individual movies for members of the Justice League after the team-up movie. That in itself was a very big misstep. Marvel had a plan laid out with individual movies that built up their heroes before introducing them in a shared universe. 

Wonder Woman was the only silver lining in the mess that was the DCEU and we can't say how glad we are to hear that Aquaman too is joining the fray of good DC movies. 

The movie has gotten positive reviews all around and we have to say that we are glad. Here are some of them.