Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Speakers Citing Overheating Issue [Here's How to Get Cash Refund]
Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Speakers Citing Overheating Issue [Here's How to Get Cash Refund]US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

After facing flak for the unicode SMS Bug issue causing bricking of iPhones, Cupertino based technology giant Apple is embroiled in another fiasco, this time with its music speaker Beats Pill XL.

For the last few weeks, Apple received a slew of complaints regarding overheating in Beats Pill XL and later a customer was said to have got a finger burn injury on touching the speakers.

Apple taking cognisance of issue released an official press statement saying: "customer safety is the company's top priority", and has advised users to refrain from using the Beats Pill XL speakers and return it to Apple stores. Consumers will be given compensatory cash back amounting to $325 (around €290/₹20,840).

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"Apple today (3 June) announced a voluntary recall of Beats Pill XL speakers, including a refund for customers. Apple has determined that, in rare cases, the battery in the Beats Pill XL may overheat and pose a fire safety risk. The recall does not affect any other Beats or Apple products," says the company's official press release.

As per the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) estimation, about 222,000 Apple Beats Pill XL units are in the United States and about 11,000 units in Canada.

Here's How to get cash refund on Apple Beats Pill XL:

  • In order to submit the Beats Pill XL return request, users have to fill this web form, HERE (name, address and device serial numbers) to prove the authenticity of your claim.
  • Then, Apple Inc. will contact users to arrange the return of the Beats Pill XL speaker to the company.
  • After the company receives the Apple Beats Pill XL device, your electronic payment will be made available within 3-4 weeks.

[Note: Product returns will only be processed via the web for this program. Beats Pill XL speaker owners are advised not to attempt to return their product to any location that sells or supports Apple or Beats products. For more information, contact Apple Support [HERE].