Over the past years, Apple has been on a roll with the launch of powerful devices, including the latest iPad Pro. The iPad Pro has a host of different accessories to improve your productivity but it has lacked a multifunctional keyboard. The iPads do have keyboard support but it is very limited in terms of functionality.

Apple is addressing this challenge by launching a dedicated keyboard with a built-in trackpad for its tablet devices. The keyboard is currently under mass production by Foxconn Technology in mainland China. Foxconn is a Taiwanese contractor who is also responsible for manufacturing most of the world's iPhones. The keyboard is expected to launch alongside the next version of iPad Pro some time later this year, an Apple spokesperson told The Information.

From what we have seen, Apple is slowly bringing the specs and features of its tablet devices with that of its traditional laptops and MACs. It seems that the tech giant is aiming at establishing the iPad as the primary computer for consumers.

How Apple prioritized iPads?

Apple released the iPad Pro in 2018, which featured a processor that was quite comparable to those in some of Apple's MacBooks. The company also replaced the long seen Lightning Port to an industry-standard USB Type-C port. This made the iPad Pro more compatible with many computer accessories, including high-resolution displays and cameras.

Now, if you're thinking whether or not there is a demand for such a keyboard, reports suggest that there is. Several companies have launched or announced keyboards for the iPad Pro with built-tracking in the last six months alone. However, based on how Apple devices work, third-party keyboards will have limited support.

Last month, Brydge a popular third-party accessory maker for iPad announced that it would be releasing a similar keyboard later this year.

The same spokesperson that revealed this news also said that the upcoming Keyboard will be made from the same materials used in Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro.

Now, we aren't sure if Apple would be able to deliver this keyboard on time since Foxconn Technology has had to halt the manufacturing work due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Nonetheless, we'll keep you informed as soon as we have additional information regarding this news.