iPhone 5 Sales not Hit By Broken iOS6 Maps App
[Representational Image] Apple finally takes steps to fix iPhone 6 Plus ‘Touch disease’ issue, reduces repair charges. In Picture: A customer comparing Apple iPhones after purchasing one at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New YorkIBTimes

After lying idle over the iPhone 6 Plus' display glitch for two months, Apple on Thursday finally acknowledged the issue and offered to repair them for lesser charge.

In August, some Apple iPhone 6 Plus owners began complaining that their devices display flickers uncontrollably, whenever it is in on-mode.

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When the device's display issue was brought to the notice of Apple Care executives, they blamed the users and said that repeated dropping of the handset was the cause behind the flickering screen.

Later, California-based iFixit, popularly known for its online repair guides for consumer electronics and gadgets, accused Apple for the mess, dubbed as the iPhone 6 Plus 'Touch Disease' on social media platforms. It found that the company had used low-grade controller chip and soldered to the logic board causing the top display to twitch.

Despite the growing complaints, top Apple executives maintained a stony silence. To make things worse, most device owners, who bought the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014 could not apply for subsidised repair, as the company offers one year warranty on the product. And the few, who bought in late 2015 and 2016 with Apple Care subscription, was asked to pay a premium of $300 causing huge uproar in social media websites.

Some even went a step ahead by filing a class action lawsuit against Apple in California's Northern District federal court, for the company's apathy on iPhone 6 Plus' display issue.

Taking note of the severity of issue, Apple has finally broken the silence and revised the repair charge to $149. It has also offered to reimburse the equal amount for people who paid $300 for the service.

"Apple will contact customers who may have paid for a service repair related to this issue either through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to arrange reimbursement," the company said in statement.

People who haven't got call yet, are advised to contact Apple care or go to the store for more information.