Ever since face-masks have become an extension of our socially-acceptable attire, iPhone users haven't been too happy about it. Even though the face masks are crucial for protecting oneself and others from the deadly coronavirus, iPhone users have had to deal with added steps to use their smartphones while wearing masks.

If you haven't guessed already, the issue affects iPhones that do not have TouchID and solely rely on FaceID for unlocking the device. All iPhones after the iPhone X, which also include the latest iPhone 11 series, need to authenticate the owner's full face before unlocking. With a face-mask covering almost half of the face, it's natural FaceID won't work. But it doesn't give up easily as it attempts multiple tries before letting users manually unlock the phone by inputting a passcode. The alternative is having to lower the face mask and let your iPhone get a good look at your face.

iPhone X Face ID

New iOS update holds the answer

Luckily, Apple realizes this inconvenience and is already working on a fix. The iPhone maker has released iOS 13.5 beta 3 to developers on Wednesday, which holds the answer. The new iOS update will soon allow iPhone users to unlock their Face ID-locked device without removing the face mask or having to wait for the manual passcode input to appear. The new update will make iPhones to automatically prompt a user to input a passcode.

This change is seen as a welcoming move and a lot of iPhone users who only rely on Face ID unlock will be thankful for it. But considering the iOS update is still in beta, it could be days if not weeks before it arrives. So iPhone users should just hang in there for a little while longer.