Apple device owners - be warned. A text message has been making the rounds with the potential of crashing your beloved iDevice. All Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even your Mac is affected by this so-called text bomb.

According to a 9to5Mac report, the notorious text message is a string of random characters, which include an Italian flag and some Sindhi characters. affects iPhones running the latest iOS 13.4.1. When users receive the text as notification, things start to act up - the device will crash completely or stop responding to any touch input. The text message doesn't rely on the user to open it as it can crash the device just by appearing in the notifications.

Should Apple users be worried?

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As scary as the aftermath of this text message might be, it's not all that dangerous. Apple is already in the beta phase of iOS 13.4.5, which once rolled out will render this bug useless. So as soon as the new software arrives, be sure to update all your devices.

If you're worried the text message might harm your iDevices, you can disable the notifications on the Apple device. That should temporarily fix the problem until Apple's update officially arrives.

Meanwhile, if you're iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iMac crashed due to the text string, reboot your device and things should resume normal functioning.

Not the first time

To recall, this isn't the first time a string of characters in a text message is crashing Apple's sophisticated machines. Back in 2018, a similar text bomb with Telugu language character corrupted iPhones by blocking the entire Springboard that manages the Home. In a matter of few hours, Apple rolled out a fix and bug was history.