People who visited Fort Walton Beach in Florida on June 21 were stunned to see some apocalyptic scenes in the skies. The visuals seem very similar to the scenes often portrayed in Hollywood disaster films where dark clouds can be seen hanging from the dark skies. Andrew Farnam who visited the beach shared images of the apocalyptic scene on Facebook where it went viral. 

The apocalyptic video goes viral on the internet

Farnam also shared a video of the incident, and it shows a thick layer of grey clouds resembling the rippling ocean waves stretching miles above the sea. The rare formation in the skies literally resembled a formation, and at times, it looked like hanging mountains. 

Apocalyptic CloudsAndrew Farnam: Facebook

After seeing the creepy sight on the skies, beachgoers who were in the sea soon rushed to the land and started packing their bags. The video shared by Farnam has already racked up more than 3.7 million views, and most people who watched the clip outlandishly claimed that apocalypse could be imminent. They also claimed that humans are going through the end times, and the second coming of Christ could happen soon. 

Expert explanation

However, experts soon made it clear that this formation is nothing but asperitas clouds, which is completely a natural phenomenon. Asperitas clouds often look like a rough sea surface if viewed from below, and the same phenomenon was responsible for the creepy incident that happened in Florida. 

"Though the formation itself does not produce rainfall, asperitas have been linked to thunderstorms, occurring afterward. Though the likely unstable atmospheric conditions required to form the wavy cloud base could also allow the growth of convective rain clouds, meaning that asperitas could be accompanied by other, precipitation-producing clouds," says Met Office.