Vikas Bahl

After corroborating Vikas Bahl's sexual offence against the Phantom Films' crew member, company partners Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane have issued an apology for whatever that transpired in 2015. The two directors have now promised that they will make sure these things will never happen in future in their watch.

People had started accusing Kashyap and Motwane of being complicit and protecting Vikas Bahl even when they knew about his sexual misconduct. Refuting all the accusations, the two directors have once again reiterated that they did listen to the victim's ordeal following which they stripped Bahl of any signing authority and not allowing him to produce films.

The reason Kashyap and Motwane remained silent all these years was that the victim's boyfriend didn't want to pursue the matter any further to her identity. And now the two have openly called Vikas Bahl a sexual offender as the victim wanted to tell her story and they chose to corroborate it.

"For those of you accusing me of being complicit, creating a boys club, and protecting Vikas - I was silent in the press because I felt I was trying to make things right in a manner that, at all times, sought to protect the identity of the girl in question, without assigning any doubt whatsoever to her version of what had transpired, and most importantly, on terms that she wanted and expressly agreed to then," read Motwane's statement.

"I am deeply, truly sorry to the woman in question and she has known this all this while. This will never happen again on my work premises ever again," Anurag Kashyap wrote in his statement.

Kangana Ranaut has also shared her horrific experience with the Queen director and said that he would bury his face in her neck, hold her really tight and breathe in the smell of her hair.

Check out the statements from Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane on Vikas Bahl's sexual offence here: